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Two years ago, we reached a critical point in Boldr’s journey which pivoted its core strategy away from a focus on top-line revenue growth to prioritizing sustained growth. We realized that we needed to think deeply about the leadership structure which would be the foundation that would set us up for success five or ten years down the line. 

This reflection made one thing abundantly clear. I’m excited and honored to officially announce the appointment of Mari Parker as President of Boldr, in addition to her title as COO. This is a role she has been fulfilling in spirit alongside her position as Chief Operating Officer. This marks a significant milestone in Boldr’s journey towards sustained growth and impact.

Mari has been instrumental in this Company’s transformation. Her contributions transcend the day-to-day operations of a typical COO. Her presence has been pivotal in guiding our business decisions, and her empathy and understanding have shone through in representing us across various judicial situations. Her role as President is a recognition of her contributions and her deep-rooted commitment to Boldr’s success over the last seven years.

Elevating Mari to President also ties into the broader strategy of strengthening Boldr’s board in the foreseeable future. This is a step towards enhancing leadership diversity and expertise, setting the stage for further success.

Mari's journey with Boldr has been marked by exceptional dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. From making personal sacrifices to her relentless drive for operational excellence, Mari embodies the ethos of a true co-founder. Her elevation to President symbolizes her integral role, not just within the company but also our shared vision as business partners.

Under Mari’s new title, we will continue to deliver on our record of excellent service delivery and championing an exceptional team member experience across all our global offices. With Mari Parker at the forefront of these efforts, the company is set to continue its trajectory as a leader in the ethical outsourcing industry, embodying the values of a true B Corp and force for good.

Thank you and congratulations, Mari Parker!