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Are you curious, dynamic, excellent and ready to grow?

Built to do meaningful work and create impact in the communities where we operate, Boldr is a place where you can authentically belong. We celebrate diversity and excellence, and invest in your personal success through internal and external training.

As the world’s largest B Corp Certified BPO, we champion paying living wages in the industry. Going beyond fair monetary compensation, we offer personal and professional benefits that matter, based on where you live.

Open Roles

What you can expect
A dynamic, people-first team that celebrates diversity and offers a place to belong
  • Individual Recognition
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
  • You have a voice
What you can expect
Career Development
Hollistic growth through career-long learning and continuous development
  • Clear career plan
  • Skills development
  • Access to a Learning Management System
  • Mentoring / coaching
  • Feedback culture
What you can expect
Fair market compensation from a company that champions the Living Wage
  • Living Wage
  • Bi-annual review cycle
  • Correct payment every time
  • Incentives
What you can expect
Work Environment
An ethical B Corp doing meaningful work globally while making local community impact
  • Supportive structures
  • Quality tools and systems
  • Office accesibility
  • Predictable working hours

Your Benefits

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
Health insurance coverage for team members.
Mental Health Program
Partnered with The Mind Nation to provide support and resources in taking care of the team members' mental health.
In-house Counselor
We have in-house counselors for counseling sessions and casual conversations, providing a supportive outlet for our team.
Long Tenure Rewards
To show Boldr’s appreciation, it gives joy to reward tenureship and celebrate the team members accomplishments through these rewards.
WFH Allowance
An amount given to team members to compensate for their internet and electricity expenses.
Paid Time Off (PTO)
Paid time offs for the whole year, in which availment shall be following Boldr Paid Time Off Policy.
Paid Holidays
Refers to the designated days off from work for which employees receive their regular pay.
Sabbatical Leave
For qualifying team members who celebrated their 5th and 10th year work anniversary in the company.
Parental Leave
A period of time off from work granted to expectant parents. 
Health Insurance
Health insurance coverage for team members, up to Php 200,000 per illness per year or as stated in the contract of the current provider. This benefit can be extended to the dependents, depending on the eligibility and tenure of the employee.
PTO Conversion
PH team members have 20 PTOs annually, with the option to accrue and convert a maximum of 5 unused days into cash every January of the following year.
Bereavement Leave
Boldr grants five (5) paid days of bereavement leave in the event of any immediate family member’s death.
Calamity Leave
Special emergency leave, up to five days annually, is non-deductible from earned leave credits and can be used for natural calamities or disasters on flexible working schedules.
Salary Advance (through a third party provider “Advance”)
A salary advance for team members which allows them to loan a portion of their basic salary and is payable up to 4 payouts.
Mobile Allowance
Team members receive mobile and load allowances according to guidelines outlined in the Finance department's policy.
13th Month Pay
An amount equal to 1/12 of the annual salary, credited to the team member on or before December 24 of each year.
Mental Health Assistance Program
Partnered with The Mind Nation to provide support and resources in taking care of the team members' mental health.
Social Security Coverage (SSS)
 A state-run, social insurance program in the Philippines for workers in the private, professional and informal sectors. This agency provides pension plans, salary loans, calamity loans, and other benefits such as maternity and sickness.
Philhealth Coverage
A universal health coverage in the Philippines set by the government.
Home Development Mutual Fund
A government-owned corporation provides savings programs, affordable shelter financing, and access to various loans for Filipino workers, including those employed locally and abroad, as well as voluntary and self-employed members.
Solo Parent Leave
This parental leave of seven (7) days shall be granted to any Solo Parent employee who has at least 1 year of tenure in the company
Paternity Leave
Married male team members are entitled to 7 days paternity leave. The male employee applying for paternity leave shall notify his employer of the pregnancy of his legitimate spouse and the  expected date of such delivery.
Maternity Leave

105 days granted to pregnant team members for live childbirth, regardless of the mode of delivery, and additional 15 days paid leave if qualified as a solo parent regardless of employment status.

Option to extend for additional 30 days of leave without pay in case of live birth may be requested. Advance notice and approval is required

60 days paid leave for miscarriage and emergency termination of pregnancy

Leave for Violence against Women and Children

Up to ten (10) days with full pay  for women employee who has to attend to medical and legal concerns arising from situation of violence as reported to the Police or recognized  Women’s Center

Not be convertible into cash and shall not be cumulative in unused/not availed of

Special Leave (Magna Carta) for Women
Female employees are entitled to up to two months/60 days of fully paid leave for surgery related to gynecological disorders.
WFH Allowance
An amount given to team members to compensate for their internet and electricity expenses.
Issued UPS
Load shedding rotates available electricity among all ZA communities, and the company offers a benefit to advance the cost of UPS charger usage for charging qualifying team members' Wi-Fi routers and internet. 
Retirement Fund and Group Life Coverage
A company-provided benefit for both probationary and regular employees, contributing 7.5% of the team member's salary towards retirement funds, funeral and disability cover, and group life insurance.
Family Responsibility Leave
Employees are entitled to 5 days of paid Family Responsibility leave after a minimum tenure of 4 months.
Adoption Leave
Employees may apply for maternity leave in the case of adopting a child under 12 months, with up to 2 months paid leave and an additional month unpaid for children aged 12 months to two years, excluding foster children.
Mandated 13 month pay before December 20th. An employee receives 15 days of payment before December 20th as an End of Year bonus (mandatory by law).
Seniority Premium
Permanent workers receive a departure bonus based on their length of service, calculated as twelve days' salary per year or twelve days multiplied by two times the monthly UMA, with proration for partial years worked.
Medical Leave
Leave paid by Social Security, 60% after the 4th day of incapacity.
Salary Advance and Benefits Card (through a third party provider “Integra”)
A salary advance for team members which allows them to loan a portion of their basic salary and is payable up to 4 payouts. Also includes discounts for leisure & entertainment, special prices for medical, free consultations, etc.
WFH Allowance
An amount given to team members to compensate for their internet and electricity expenses.
A Geographically Diverse Team of 1500+
How We Work Together
We support our team members with quality equipment, guidance and infrastructure to work fully remote, hybrid, or in-office at one of our global locations. 

What remains consistent is our ability to flexibly connect international colleagues to create and deliver solutions that help our clients achieve their performance objectives.  
Talent is equally distributed—opportunity is not. Boldr is here to change that for good.

Through ethical talent outsourcing, we liberate global talent. Boldr’s purpose is to help people grow and connect: we’re committed to giving back, generating meaningful work, and making the world a better place. 

“Boldr has significantly shaped my career and life by facilitating
my career growth, enabling me to complete a bachelor's degree
in Business Management. This accomplishment has empowered me
to support my family and attain possessions that were previously
beyond my reach.”

Senior Team Captain

“Working at Boldr has been an enriching experience. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to collaborate with talented team members, and together, we've made an impact on the projects we undertake. Boldr has not just been a workplace, it's become a community where my contributions are valued."

Nico A.
Community and Operations Advocate

“Since I started working at Boldr, I haven't stopped growing professionally and personally. I've had the chance to explore areas I didn't see myself working in. The clients I've worked for are amazing and truly align with Boldr's values. Now, almost three years later, I feel seen, happy, heard, and valued, and I can't wait to see where this journey will take me!”

Technical Support Representative

“In my professional journey, I recognize a distinction between BB (Before Boldr) and AB (After Boldr). Collaborating with individuals from diverse countries, backgrounds, and cultures within a UNIFIED team, all dedicated to a common objective, is truly remarkable, fulfilling and unique. I truly love my job.”

Shift Lead

My journey at Boldr started back in May 2021. I have grown personally and professionally within these years and have been able to take on more challenges along the way. Working at Boldr makes me happy, I can be my authentic self and I have the opportunity to work on different impact projects where I can give back to the community where l live.

Senior Global Recruiter