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As we look back at 2022 and some of the lessons we have learned (and there have been a few), we noticed something amazing. Our clients and our teams thrive when we succeed in creating an environment where our team members feel like an extension of the client team they are working with.

The ways in which we achieved this starts with understanding our client, their culture, and their unique business needs, which further enabled us to find team members who are the best fit for client’s teams in terms of knowledge, experience, culture, and career aspirations.

Hiring these rare and highly valued “unicorns” have worked well for us, but we know we can do even more to support our clients. We constantly challenge ourselves and pay attention to our clients, our team members, and our communities for feedback and input on how we can be #BetterBoldr.

Based on what we learned and what has worked for us and our stakeholders until now, the next logical step is to align the way that we support our clients by industry and service type through “Strategic Business Units”. This way we can ensure that we are not only an extension of our client’s team, but we understand the worlds they operate in so that we can be a trusted business partner to help grow and navigate opportunities or challenges along the way.

We are very excited to kick of 2023 with an introduction to the talented leaders who will be heading these Strategic Business Units:

Strategic Business Units Leaders

  • E-commerce (headed by Abbey Sparks)
  • Tech/SaaS (headed by Vicky Windell)
  • Customer Services (headed by Jose Vizcaino)
  • Data & AI (headed by Nick Gil Meneses)
  • Health & Wellness (headed by Jay Ann Unlayao)

Pete Eickhaus, Boldr’s Director of Client Experience, explains that by creating this strategic alignment, we will “find a better way for us to connect with our clients, to understand their business and the markets they serve, as well as to what affects their business. We are going to do this by aligning into the five strategic business units, which will give us a specific focus on those markets and the potential clients that will develop the expertise and the value to their business.

In support of our longer term vision as a company, we know that this small change will have a big impact in connecting our clients to our purpose, connecting Boldr to our client’s purpose and connecting each team member to Boldr, our client and their own purpose.

That is a lot of purpose! Pardon our excitement here. We have some strong beliefs and big hopes for 2023 that we will continue to share (with purpose) and much excitement.


Mari Parker, Boldr COO