Boldr is a certified B Corp

B Lab is a nonprofit network dedicated to transforming the global economy to benefit people, communities, and the planet.

A B Corp Certified business is one that consistently upholds high standards of performance, accountability and transparency.

Our B Corp Certified business model combines humanity and performance through innovation and social sustainability.

Doing good is not just good for people and the planet, it's good for business.

World’s largest global B Corp outsourcing company
100% Paid a Living Wage
First B Corp BPO in the Philippines
Who we work with to build powerhouse global teams
A Geographically Diverse Team of 1500+
United States
South Africa
How we work with clients
We are expert partners committed to supporting your business ambitions.

Our flexible and innovative solutions deliver on diverse performance needs, empowering you to focus on high-value work.

How we commit to impact
We invest in and grow our people to enhance your business performance.

Our secret for longer employee retention and more engaged team performance is all about creating dignified careers and opening doors for global talent.

How Outsourcing Works

Our outsourcing clients benefit from fast and hassle-free access to global talent, leading to improved personal and business performance. Boldr builds bridges to an ethical supply chain aligned with our commitment to impact.


Creating circular value

We prioritize positive outcomes for what we call our Three C’s: our Clients, the Careers of our team members, and local Communities.

Creating shared circular value for our Three C’s is at the heart of Boldr’s principles.

Outsourcing 101: Understanding the Benefits of Building Your Global Team

Outsourcing has become a familiar business model, especially among promising startups or businesses on the cusp of rapid growth and expansion.

That’s why we compiled this Outsourcing 101 article series to explore the benefits of outsourcing and to unpack some of the concerns keeping businesses from engaging BPOs for support.