people-benefitted 103,939
People Benefitted Globally
resource-mobilized US$ 240,503
Resources Mobilized for the Community
hours-volunteered 6,860
Hours Volunteered
people-team 100%
of all team members are earning a Living Wage
retention-rate 90%
Retention Rate (Annualized)
average-tenure 2 years
Average Tenure
average-salary 150%
Average Salary Velocity

As the world's largest B Corp Certified BPO, we have legally committed ourselves to making our business a force for good.

We believe that the key to our joint success is an inclusive 'impact business model' that focuses on creating value for all stakeholders.

Take a look at the video below to find out more about Boldr Economics - our unique approach to combining performance with positive impact:


Creating circular value

Boldr Economics recognizes that no one part of our business can thrive in isolation, addressing the challenges and needs of our Clients, local Communities and the Careers of our team members to create shared value for all.  

We believe that Boldr Economics is a pioneering a new normal in the outsourcing industry. 

Our Three C’s


Clients need to find talent who can help them succeed. Our teams help them flexibly build capacity for scale and performance.


Communities need access to opportunities. We connect them to global work via ethical outsourced roles. 


Careers should offer opportunities for people to grow and thrive. We continuously invest in our Team Members' development.

B Impact Score

Leading the way as a B Corp 

B Lab is a nonprofit network dedicated to transforming the global economy to benefit people, communities, and the planet.

Our B Corp Certified business model combines humanity and performance through innovation and social sustainability.

Doing good is not just good for people and the planet, it's good for business.
What is a B Corp?
B Corps are companies verified by B Lab to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. 

Across industries and geographies, we are part of a business community that have legally committed themselves to improved performance and sustainable impact.
B Corps you might know

Impact topics we champion


We are advocates of the Living Wage.

We’ve partnered with the Anker Research Institute, the Living Wage Coalition in South Africa, IBON Foundation, and other universities and think tanks to establish and advocate for the Living Wage in our regions. Learn more about our living wage work below.


We focus on Impact Sourcing.

As our business evolves, we increase focus on Impact Sourcing by partnering with community organizations that equip local talent with the digital skills they need to join the global economy. We aim to grow employment opportunities in previously excluded regions and communities. Connect with us if you want to be an Impact Sourcing partner.


Decent Work and Economic Growth

Boldr is part of the UN Global Compact and aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our Impact Business model and community initiatives are designed to achieve the targets and indicators under SDG 8. Learn more about how we support the SDGs.

Impact Report 2022

We're committed to transparency. Explore our impact reports from previous years to see how our impact is growing, year on year, in the interests of people and planet.


Impact Report 2022

We're committed to transparency. Explore our impact reports from previous years to see how our impact is growing, year on year, in the interests of people and planet.


How Afresh built a global team of Support Engineers through ethical outsourcing

During the Support Driven Conference in 2023, Boldr's COO, Mari Parker, met with Keisha Armand, the Director of Support at Afresh. Together they delved into pivotal topics currently shaping the CX and outsourcing landscapes. Knowing when is the right time to outsource, working with a mission-driven partner, and the benefits of hiring through impact sourcing, were some of the highlights of the discussion.