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It has been exactly two years since we received our B Corp status. Two years is a milestone timeframe in our B Corp journey. The aspiration to become a B Corp came to life when Boldr was a two-year-old company in 2019. The process of realizing this dream also took a little more than two years, from all the preparation to the actual certification.

Finally, the process of adapting to the changes that came with becoming a B Corp was also a two-year process and within that time span, Boldr had reached the peak of its growth in its six years of existence as a company.

What’s become abundantly clear over the past two years is that deep systemic change in an industry takes time. B Corp ensures that impact is not a flash in the pan, or separate from what makes a company successful. So while we recognize that the change we aspire to has taken time, it’s also worth celebrating what two years have helped us achieve for our clients, company, and community since becoming a B Corp.    

On 6 November 2021, we became: 

  • the largest global B Corp outsourcing company
  • the first global Employment of Record Company to be certified as of 2021
  • the only Outsourcing Company in the Philippines to be B Corp certified

Feature Image: Taken at a B Social London event held at Bates Wells where we met over 300 UK B Corps



What happened in the last two years since we became a B Corp?

We changed our articles of incorporation from a Delaware C Corp to a Public Benefit Corporation

We introduced our Theory of Change

100% of our team members in the Philippines have begun earning a living wage or higher

100% of our team members in South Africa have begun earning a living wage or higher

We partnered with 15 organizations, training centers, and coding schools working to upskill disadvantaged individuals across the Philippines, South Africa, and Mexico

We launched our own Digital Skills Training Academy that helped train and employ our first cohort of 15 learners in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, South Africa

We helped 126 individuals access digital skills training to help them gain access to decent jobs

We connected 42 digital skills training graduates to employment through our Impact Sourcing work

We helped increase the average salary of our Impact Sourcing graduates by at least 106%

In 2022, our team-member-led initiatives impacted the lives of 25,402 individuals across the Philippines, Mexico, South Africa, and Canada through projects guided by Sustainable Development Goals

As of June 2023, we’ve benefitted upwards of 12,000 individuals across the Philippines, Mexico, South Africa, and Canada through various team-member-led initiatives and advocacies

During this time Boldr engaged in more than 15 partnerships with organizations on projects dedicated to preserving cultural heritage, reforestation initiatives, ocean conservation, and more.

We joined communities of businesses committed to being a force for good, such as the B for Good Leaders Coalition, the United Nations Global Compact, and the MO100 Top Impact CEOs


What’s Next? We’re Recertifying in 2024!

We have a couple of months before kicking off our recertification process in 2024. Everything we’ve accomplished thus far barely scratches the surface of the real change we want to make.

Delivering on our commitment as a leader in Ethical Outsourcing means completing our living wage commitment to all our regions, creating more pathways for career mobility for all our teams, championing greater transparency in the digital supply chain, and influencing local policies and industry standards related to living wages and inclusive hiring practices. This is how we can truly redistribute wealth and opportunities globally through the power of global teams.


Glo Guevarra is the Impact Manager at Boldr and she holds a postgraduate degree in Labor, Activism, and Development from SOAS University of London.