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Protecting our environment is not an activity exclusive to non-profit organizations or environmental advocates. To create real change, every industry plays a role in making a real difference taking on projects and leading initiatives to tackle global issues. At Boldr we believe in the power of change and we are fueled by a sense of responsibility for our communities. This drive inspired our latest project aimed at protecting our Mexican beaches.


Creating positive change

In 2022, Boldr was one of the 12,000 business representatives present at the UN Global Compact Leadership Summit, demonstrating our commitment to bringing positive change worldwide. A core objective for us is designing impactful initiatives that resonate within our communities, fostering social progress in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our 2022 impact report showcases a trail of initiatives executed over the past year. These efforts have tangibly improved communities in the Philippines, Mexico, and South Africa, enhancing livelihoods and ensuring access to vital resources and economic support.

Our efforts to create meaningful impact are evident in the initiatives we’ve taken to create sustainable, dignified work (SDG 8) through our Living Wage project, as well as in our dedication to promoting quality education (SDG 4) across our communities. Furthermore, we’ve made substantial progress in embracing the essence of SDG 14, a UN directive that emphasizes the vital importance of conserving and responsibly utilizing oceans, seas, and marine resources.


Preserving our ecosystems  

The rise of tourism in Mexico has caused great damage to our beaches, degrading their flora and fauna. The lack of regulation and enforcement of environmental laws in the country has caused shore and water pollution due to the accumulation of solid waste. Our MX team has had a key role in creating initiatives to protect our ecosystem in Merida, Yucatan. 

Boldr and Limpiemos Yucatan came together to tackle the issue of beach pollution in the towns of Sisal and Telchac, Yucatan. Volunteers from both parties gathered to clean up the beaches by collecting plastic waste, debris, and other pollutants that harm marine life and the ecosystem. This project created awareness about the environmental impact caused by human presence on Yucatan’s shores and promoted care for the local environment.

In a united effort, we are looking to restore the beauty and vitality of our coastal treasures, fostering a brighter future for both our communities and the delicate marine ecosystems they embrace.


Drawing closer to helping our turtles

According to The Yucatan Times, “… turtles are endangered species, so the population is asked to facilitate their natural reproduction process.” The article mentioned that Yucatan stands as the sole region in Mexico with a statistical record spanning over 30 years for the arrival of the three species to its coast: hawksbill, white, and loggerhead.” 


Between April and October, numerous turtles make their way to the Yucatan shores, creating their nests in the sands. Since 2016, the “Club de la Tortuga, Telchac Puerto” has been on an unwavering mission to safeguard these nests and the turtles from both human interference and wild predators. Unfortunately, stray dogs have become a threat to the survival of female turtles, demanding ongoing vigilance to shield and provide care for the injured ones.

To answer the call for turtle care, the organization asked for assistance from the community, and we were ready to respond. Boldr’s MX Impact team created an ingenious project, encouraging our team members to submit drawings of turtles. For each drawing, our Impact team pledged to donate six of the necessary items for turtle rehabilitation. Their actions surpassed expectations. A total of 61 drawings flooded in, allowing the contribution of 366 articles to support the organization’s cause.

Our Community Impact MX Lead, Zazil Varguez said, “Making an impact should be fun! When we launched the challenge in our community, we wanted to create an activity that our team could enjoy and participate in even remotely (we have team members all over Mexico). However, we did not expect to receive drawings from our team’s family members. So many people wanted to participate! When you let play and creativity be part of any initiative, project, etc. the results are amazing. Through this activity, we reinforce that no action is too small to create a positive impact.”

With a shared vision, and the willingness to take action, Boldr continues to promote initiatives that protect our ecosystems and uplift our communities. By cleaning up beaches, raising awareness, and nurturing the well-being of our environment, we are drawing closer to a future where turtles and marine life thrive.

Empathy is in our DNA, leading us to support organizations and projects that align with our values. If you want to learn more about our initiatives, check out our latest Impact Round-Up report here. If you’re looking for an ethical outsourcing partner, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Aitana Rangel Garibay is Boldr’s creative writer and she is passionate about writing purpose-driven stories.