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With our sights firmly set on making a positive difference in the communities where we operate, we want to take this time to share what’s been happening during the months of May and June this year. The year has officially reached its halfway mark, but we believe there is still ample time to contribute to change. We do this through our Impact initiatives – and we are excited about what amazing work we can still accomplish this year.


Manila: Impacting Lives with Good Neighbors International Philippines

In the Philippines, where communities face numerous challenges, Good Neighbors is making a significant difference through their projects. One such endeavor, A-Cause-Tic Night, has left a lasting impact. The project aimed to provide support for Luijay, a brave 13-year-old battling Hirschsprung Disease.

With the generous contribution of PHP 7,475 from Boldr, equivalent to five seats at the live performance, the project has made a tangible impact. While Luijay’s medical journey is plagued by financial constraints, it received a much-needed boost with these funds. Good Neighbors International Philippines stepped in to support Luijay and his family, enabling him to undergo essential medical procedures for improved health and well-being.



Manila: Empowering the Gems Heart Learning Hub with generous donations

In April 2023, Boldr donated seven mousepads and four web cameras, which would enhance the productivity and efficiency of the Gems Heart students. Additionally, in May 2023, we provided a brand new table for the learning hub as a way to support education and provide necessary resources for student success.

The donations were already used by seven students for typing, research, printing, attending online classes, and exams, and will continue to be used by students in the months to come. Boldr is committed to education and empowering students through the provision of essential resources and we are proud to have a partnership with Gems Heart Outreach Development Inc. which shares our mission.



Tacloban: Making an impact through outreach and community service

Partnering with Sons and Daughter Encounter (SADE) Leyte, Boldr successfully reached 52 elementary students of Barangay Bocawon La Paz, offering essential donations including school supplies, food packs, candies, and toys. Moreover, 15 dedicated volunteers from our Tacloban office shared their expertise and remarkable speaking skills, inspiring the young students with their passion for helping others.

With each outreach program and community service project, Boldr strengthens its mission to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need. By empowering and uplifting communities, we are spreading hope and instilling a spirit of gratitude and compassion in everyone involved.



Tacloban: Protecting a community from COVID-19 through antigen test kit donations

Maryjane, an Occupational Health nurse, recognized the need for aid due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 cases in Sta. Fe Leyte Rural Health Unit, therefore, Boldr donated 75 Standard Q COVID-19 Rapid Antigen test kits. Despite scheduling challenges, Maryjane’s commitment shone through as she dedicated two hours to this cause.

Her actions exemplify the importance of community engagement and proactive healthcare measures as they aimed to protect both workers and the community at large. This project showcases the positive impact that individuals like Maryjane can make in safeguarding their communities during challenging times.



Tacloban: Assessing the impact of water filters in the San Juan community

Last year, Boldr donated water filters to the community of San Juan, Southern Leyte in partnership with Waves for Water. These water filters were donated to 18 barangays and were successfully installed. 

In June, Boldranians from our Tacloban office conducted an assessment to monitor the effectiveness and impact of water filters provided to the community. The objective was to evaluate the maintenance and functionality of the filters, address any health concerns, and make recommendations based on the findings. The team was able to visit 12 out of 18 barangays and 40 out of 77 water filters were monitored and evaluated. The project aimed to give back to the community that had previously supported Tacloban during the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.



South Africa: Making a positive difference in South Africa’s community

The Golden Treat project, led by Amanda Dempers from our Cape Town office, has left a lasting impact on the community. Motivated by a deep-rooted passion for community work, Amanda collaborated with 7 like-minded team members to bring about positive change.

The project’s objective was to make a difference and provide support to those in need. With the partnership of Snapdragon Old Age Cottages, the project successfully assisted 20 beneficiaries through donations of blankets, socks, facecloths, and a pampering session. The Golden Treat initiative stands as a remarkable demonstration of how individuals have the power to create a significant impact in their community and bring happiness to everyone.



South Africa: Feeding Thousands and changing lives

The Refocus and Upliftment Foundation (RAUF) is a South African organization that focuses on rehabilitating individuals struggling with addiction, empowering them to overcome their challenges and reintegrate into society. RAUF aims to provide holistic support, including psychological, emotional, and vocational assistance to foster personal growth and sustainable recovery. 

They believe in the power of community and collaboration to improve the lives of those in need. Sibonisiwe Mrwarwaza led an initiative to feed over 6,000 individuals through the donation of essential food supplies like rice, potatoes, and gas. Her objective behind this project stems from a deep understanding that material possessions alone cannot bring fulfillment. Instead, support, love, and purposeful activities have the power to transform lives. 



South Africa: Making a lasting impact with the Children of Huis Van Heerde Orphanage

Huis Van Heerde (HVH) is a local orphanage that provides care and support for children between the ages of 18 months to 18 years. Their mission is to ensure the safety, well-being, and development of children who have experienced abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Vicky Windell from our ZA office reached out to the organization to provide essential toiletries and warm clothing for these deserving children during the winter season. The donation touched the lives of 60 children and by accomplishing this project Vicky felt compelled to continue supporting HVH through sustainable initiatives such as a vegetable garden, educational programs, and holiday activities.



South Africa: Providing warm meals to the families of Harare Khayelitsha

In partnership with Kolisi Foundation and Periods for Hope, Boldr is doing an initiative called “Harare CAN” which aims to combat hunger during the cold winter days. This project is led by Khanya Qongqo and Sizo Matana, and they are focused on making a significant difference in the lives of children and parents in Harare Khayelitsha. In 2020, the project supported 200 people, and in 2023, the initiative assisted around 400 beneficiaries.

In our commitment to making a lasting impact, Boldr aims to become a regular donor to these foundations. Specifically, supporting events like the winter drive, where shoes and jackets are provided to children from impoverished backgrounds.



Mexico: Empowering Women in Merida, Mexico

Last May 2023, Zazil Varguez led an impactful project called Reconecta in partnership with Women Who Code Merida. This initiative aimed to connect with and support local initiatives dedicated to inspiring women and girls. They introduced Boldr to the Women Who Code community as a company known for its commitment to social responsibility.

Despite challenges, such as finding the optimal time for the event, the project successfully empowered 38 beneficiaries through a mediation practice and a workshop. The Boldr Impact team hopes to invite more team members to future events to expand our reach and influence to more local communities.



Mexico: Revitalizing Yucatán’s Beaches through an impactful cleanup initiative

As part of the Limpiemos Yucatán initiative, our Merida team did another beach cleanup, and this time at Telchac beach. The goal was to create awareness about the environmental impact caused by human presence on Yucatán beaches, promote care for the local environment, and to foster connections among team members outside the office. We had 11 Boldranian volunteers and 15 volunteers from Limpiemos Yucatán. By combining their efforts, all volunteers took a significant step toward preserving Yucatán’s breathtaking coastal ecosystems.



Chay Ama is the Knowledge Management Coordinator at Boldr. Her experience in organizational communication, marketing, customer service, social media, photography, styling, and visual storytelling earns her the self-proclaimed title “jack-of-all-trades.”