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As the year gains momentum, we keep driving towards our ultimate goal of uplifting communities through the remarkable initiatives that our team members bring to our attention. Here is a recap of what happened during the months of March and April this year.


Manila: Donating desktop units to Gems Heart-A Million Voices (AMV) scholars

Boldr has been a long-time partner of the Gems Heart-AMV scholars. In March, we provided seven desktop computers to the organization. Marijo Endriga, together with Eliezer Condor, delivered the computers and received a warm welcome from Mrs. Corazon, Vincent, and the scholars.

During the delivery, Kuya Eli provided instructions on how to set up and power off the computers correctly. He also assured scholars that he would offer free technical support and conduct monthly check-ups. This would be to ensure the computers’ were delivering optimal performance and to assess each scholar’s well-being.

We also expressed readiness to donate additional computer equipment or learning hubs should the need arise. The aim of the project is to equip scholars with the necessary tools to enhance their learning experience, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the surrounding community.



Manila: Supporting jeepney drivers’ struggle and promoting inclusive public transport

From 6 to 12 March 2023, a nationwide Jeepney Transport Strike was organized by Manibela, PISTON, and Laban TNVS. The purpose of the strike was to oppose the implementation of the Jeepney Modernization Program and as a result, jeepney drivers were left without income and required support to sustain their protest and cover their basic necessities.

Boldr made a donation of Php 10,000 to PARA Advocates for Inclusive Transport (APARA-AIT), an alliance of advocates dedicated to establishing a public transport system that is centered around the people and which promotes inclusivity. The donated amount was ultimately transferred and utilized by the NGO Balai Obrero Foundation Inc. They organized solidarity lunches for their Kampuhang Bayan in various locations, including Katipunan, Tatalon, Baclaran, LITEX, Bagong Silang, Monumento, and Lagro.



Tacloban: Embracing sustainable practices through a plastic wrapper recycling initiative

Earlier this year, our Tacloban office launched a recycling program called Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for Tacloban City Jail, spearheaded by Anton Niño Raquel. Its aim is to divert waste and do our part to reduce our impact on the local community. Dry and clean plastics such as coffee and shampoo sachets, chip bags, and biscuit wrappers were collected in the Tacloban hub.

The materials that were collected were sent to the Tacloban City Jail – Female Dormitory, where raw materials are transformed into handcrafted wallets and bags as an advocacy to give livelihood to persons deprived of liberty (PDL). By implementing this practice, Boldr aims to optimize our reduce, reuse, and recycling efforts and foster an eco-friendly workplace. Our intention is to support local waste segregation initiatives within the community and continue this initiative in the long term.



South Africa: Transforming lives through Souper Troopers

On 15 March, we reached out to Souper Troopers, a non-profit organization in South Africa that aims to help homeless people take the necessary steps to make sustainable changes in their lives. Boldr was able to support 30 homeless individuals and made a donation of R10,000.

This contribution enabled the acquisition of items like a gas hob, cookware, gas supply, essential pantry items, and even a Smart TV. By enhancing living conditions and ensuring access to nourishing meals, this initiative showcased the influential role of community outreach and emphasized the positive influence businesses can have in creating a more inclusive and supportive society.



Mexico: Inspiring environmental stewardship and community engagement

Boldr joined hands with Limpiemos Yucatan, a local environmental organization, for a remarkable initiative called the Sisal Beach Clean Up on 25 March. With their shared dedication to preserving natural beauty and protecting marine ecosystems, Boldr and Limpiemos Yucatan came together to tackle the issue of beach pollution in Sisal, Mexico.

Volunteers from both parties gathered to clean up the beach by collecting plastic waste, debris, and other pollutants that harm marine life and the ecosystem. This collaborative effort not only showcased environmental stewardship but also inspired the local community to actively participate in preserving the pristine beaches of Sisal.



Mexico: Combating hunger in Chihuahua through community partnership

Boldr, in collaboration with Fundación Comedor Y Albergue Cáritas San Martín and Caritas de Chihuahua, launched an impactful feeding program in Chihuahua, Mexico on March 31st. Known as “Happy Belly,” the initiative aims to combat hunger among the local population. With one in every four people in Chihuahua suffering from hunger due to extreme poverty, lack of opportunities, migration, and illness, the soup kitchen provides essential meals to those in need.

By purchasing supplies such as vegetables, fruits, meat, perishable and non-perishable food, as well as cleaning supplies, Boldr has ensured that approximately 120 beneficiaries receive nutritious meals that address their immediate needs.



Mexico: Promoting local enterprises and community support in Merida

Boldr recently organized an impactful event called “Entrepreneurs’ Day” in Mexico on 14 April, thereby demonstrating their commitment to local enterprise and community support. Partnering with 16 local entrepreneurs, the event aimed to promote the small businesses’ initiatives and products.

Boldr’s contributions to the cause included the creation of gift bags, filled with various products that were available at the event. Additionally, a vibrant event space was secured and parking expenses for the volunteers were covered. This initiative not only provided a platform for local entrepreneurs to showcase their offerings but also to showcase Boldr’s dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and driving positive change within the community.



Mexico: Empowering women through a self-defense workshop

Boldr, in collaboration with Kung Do Lama Merida, organized a self-defense workshop on the 17th of March to address the concern of women’s safety. The workshop provided eight participants with essential knowledge and skills to defend themselves, recognizing the importance of self-defense in potentially dangerous situations.

To support this initiative, Boldr covered the training costs for 8 participants, amounting to 3,248 MXN. This collaborative effort exemplifies Boldr’s commitment to promoting women’s safety in Mexico, addressing the concern of personal security, empowering women, and creating a safer community for all.



James Fouche is the Content Manager at Boldr, as well as an author and a columnist. He is passionate about sharing his love of reading and writing with others.