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In keeping with our focus to do good in the communities wherein we operate, we have continued our impact-driven efforts during September and October. Here’s a quick recap of what we got up to this month.


Global: Donated to a nonprofit through a Global Reading Challenge 


Boldr has been hosting global challenges since 2021 to show collective impactful action. The challenges are small everyday activities our team members can participate in regardless of location, and their compounded output is matched with a donation to a chosen nonprofit organization.

In June 2022, we did an exercise challenge. Since International Literacy Day falls in September, we organized a reading challenge for our book-loving team members, which was finalized early in October. For every page read, $0.05 would be donated to Room To Read, a nonprofit for children’s literacy and girls’ education across Asia and Africa. The total amount raised for this Boldr global challenge was $1,689.93.


Cape Town, South Africa: Donating shoes to a school through The Hope Foundation


On October 12, 2022, Boldr was able to donate 93 school shoes to The Hope Foundation, a registered organization that aims to add hope to kids in disadvantaged homes and orphanage homes. Together we presented the donation to a chosen school that had too many children in need called Samora Machel Primary School in Phillipi. Upon arrival at the school, Boldr was welcomed with so much love and gratitude by both teachers and children. The children were wearing old worn-out sneakers to school and some did not even have socks, so they were all happy with the gifts they received. This Impact project, spearheaded by Sibonisiwe Mrwarwaza, made an incredible difference to these young children. Besides the fact that they no longer have to feel embarrassed about attending school without shoes, they will also no longer have to endure cold and sore feet from not having shoes.


Manila, Philippines: Providing chairs, printers, and bond papers to an alternative learning center


The ALJC-Acts Evangelism is a fully-accredited Alternative Learning System (ALS) center by the Philippine Department of Education. Even though it is considered as a community learning center, it is not funded by the government. The center is working under the Philippine law, which allows learning facilitators funded by private sectors or nonprofit organizations to help in providing non-formal education.

The learners are mostly out-of-school youth and each one has different stories, backgrounds, and reasons why they were not able to pursue their studies in the past. Kathrine Reyes, the proponent of this Impact project, saw the opportunity to bring new life to the ALS learners and, in so doing, made studying more convenient for them. 

Boldr was able to donate 50 chairs, a printer, and bond papers to the center. The learners are now able to sit comfortably and print out their modules without having to spend their money on printing outside the learning center.


Manila, Philippines: Supporting stray animals through fundraising and material donations


When our Impact team had a call for Impact project proposals, we received a few animal-centered projects and decided to support all of them. We conducted a fundraiser from 5 October to 12 October and Boldr matched the amount gathered from the team members during this time period, effectively doubling it. All monetary donations were divided equally between two projects – Paws for a Cause by Ma. Bernadette Bacang and the Metro Stray Feeding Project by Ram Sabandal.

Team members also gave material donations of dog and cat food, flea and deworming treatments, rice, and banana leaves to support the rescued strays. These material donations were divided between the Metro Stray Feeding Project and another Impact project proposed by Hannah Reyes, Saving the Loving Paws. Boldr was also able to donate three 2-door cages to Saving the Loving Paws, which benefited 6 stray dogs.


Manila, Philippines: Conducting a free webinar for BPO jobseekers


Boldr was invited by Bagosphere, a human skills development platform that accelerates career readiness and career growth, to speak to a group of jobseekers, in the hopes that it would help them ace interviews and land jobs. Our very own Learning and Development Manager, Jessica Orleans, conducted the free webinar and shared practical methods in answering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) interview questions effectively, common interview mistakes BPO job applicants should avoid, and the job opportunities available within Boldr.

The audience was a Facebook group called BPO Jobseekers Training Hub (PH) and was moderated by Bagosphere, which had around 28,000 members during the time of the webinar. The webinar got an average of 75 viewers, 106 likes and shares, and 337 comments. A lot of the participants shared how much they learned during the session and expressed their appreciation for all of Jess’ career advice.


Merida, Mexico: Volunteering for a cause that connects people and cultures


Boldr is a global company that favors global mobility. We are excited to have partnered with Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM), a unit of the government of Mexico, dependent on the Secretariat of the Interior, that controls and supervises migration in the country. 

Accomplishing this project meant making a positive impact on vulnerable communities. In this case, it was the immigrants who were pursuing a better life and employment opportunities. At the time of our visit, more than 30 immigrants were staying at INM. Board games, soccer balls, volleyballs, puzzles, magazines, books, toys, pillows, and hygiene products were donated to the community. Our volunteer team members felt closer to the members of the group, who are often looked down upon.

It will also remain our mission to be more attentive to the specific needs within our communities, and more supportive of local causes.