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The 2023 MO100 Top Impact CEO Ranking has just been released. We are proud to announce that David Sudolsky, Boldr’s Founder and CEO, has been included on the list at number 66. 

The MO100 Top Impact CEO Ranking is compiled annually by Big Path Capital, a global investment bank that connects mission-driven companies with mission-aligned investors. The aim of the list is to recognize leaders who are committed to giving back, creating opportunities, and making the world a better place.

Our current world calls for a bigger future – one of inclusion, stakeholder primacy, and balance with the natural world. As leaders of mission-driven companies, our companies are agents of this bigger future.

– Momentum 100

The MO Summit is an annual conference where influential leaders engage with like-minded impact-focused CEOs about the role of business on global environmental and social issues. Through networking and panel discussions, leaders can share their experience and explore possible solutions to these concerns. At the summit, the CEOs who find themselves on the MO100 Ranking are celebrated for their focus on impact.

Beyond the recognition, the benefits of being included on the MO100 Ranking, include attracting valuable talent from across the globe, as well as the interest of potential investors with similar ambitions. And since only 100 CEOs can be included on the ranking, they immediately form part of an exclusive group of leaders. This is a great opportunity to network with peers and to establish important relationships.

Companies and its leaders are rated on a “Force for Good” score. This score utilizes the B Impact Assessment, which is a standardized impact rating system developed by the non-profit B Lab. More than 50,000 companies across the world have relied on this as a credible way to assess their impact.

Word of David’s ranking comes at a time where we are celebrating B Corp Month, which is a global movement that celebrates B Corp certified companies that strive for higher standards of social and environmental performance.

I’m grateful for the team (past and present) that launched Boldr to be in a position to cultivate sustained impact. We are building the foundation for continued growth that will allow Boldr to thrive for years to come. Thank you Mari, thank you Team, and thank you Clients for your partnership. It’s because of you that we have a business. I’m delighted to work with you all to foster an environment that proves that doing good is also good business. 

As the largest global B Corp outsourcing company, David Sudolsky’s inclusion on the MO100 Top Impact CEO Ranking list is not only a reminder of our company’s mission to be a force for good in the world. It also serves as recognition that #wegobeyond traditional outsourcing and that it will always remain Boldr‘s goal to create a positive impact on society through our ethical outsourcing practices.


James Fouche is the Content Manager at Boldr, as well as an author and a columnist. He is passionate about sharing his love of reading and writing with others.