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Better Together: Applying Knowledge To Provide Amazing Customer Support Services

Even for global companies like Boldr & Guru, onboarding a new team member is hard work. And if that team member happens to provide customer support for an entirely new company, industry, or business model, things can get pretty challenging. 

The key lies in balance. And in outsourcing and knowledge management collaboration, of course. That’s why Cratejoy paired Guru’s next-generation company wiki with Boldr’s world-class business process outsourcing services. The result was a top-of-the-line combination of talented team members, efficient processes, and effective technology.  

Here’s what happened.


Mixing Knowledge Management with Process Outsourcing

Cratejoy, a company focused on providing subscription boxes for everyone, was facing incredible customer growth. But as we all know, with great growth comes greater responsibility when dealing with customer support and satisfaction. This meant that Cratejoy, who caters to any type of hobby (including books, food, beauty, geek, crafts, education, and even crime junkie categories), found themselves face to face with a scaling challenge. The solution they came up with consisted of two steps:

First, playbooks and product knowledge bases to help their support agents solve inquiries more efficiently.

Second, support agents that could handle a growing number of subscribers (as well as the merchants who use the platform to sell their products). 

This is where both Boldr and Guru come in. 


Customer Support Outsourcing & Knowledge Management: A Match Made In Heaven


Even though the challenge was daunting, the solution was easy. First, Cratejoy needed to find technology solutions that would allow them to build a corporate knowledge base. Their very own “guide-to-Cratejoy” for any new team members focused on providing support to clients and merchants.  

They turned to Guru, a next-gen company wiki that works under two principles: organize your company information and access it from anywhere. This means that you can set up your company knowledge source, enabling current and future support team members to access all the information they need to get their jobs done and their client queries solved, without having to context-switch between applications. The information they need to do their job is literally at their fingertips, fully compatible with the tools they were already using for ticketing, customer support, and CRM. Every tidbit of knowledge was available through robust integrations with Slack and Google Chrome – accessible from anywhere. 

The next part was getting the right support. 

For this, they turned to Boldr. We’re a purpose-driven outsourcing company that rethinks what can be outsourced and what outsourcing can be. With offices in the Philippines, Mexico, Canada, and South Africa, we are also able to support clients anytime, anywhere. We do things in two ways. First, we build high-performing global teams for our clients that honor their values and deliver on their goals. Second, we invest in our team members so they can grow with our client’s companies – improving long-term results for all parties involved. 

We are also focused on giving back. A time and percentage of our revenues is invested back into the communities where we live and work. It’s our grain of sand to help make the world a better place.

We’re also committed to innovative technologies. Our approach to technology equips us to adapt to each clients’ tech stacks and align the work to their metrics. We use their tools, their way. This allows us to set up the right solutions and drive the right results for each company. So, when we first started working with Cratejoy, we took a deep dive into the solutions they already had in place in order to set everything up for success. 

One of these tools was Guru’s knowledge management tool, which we used to onboard new customer success representatives. 

  • Thanks to our agnostic technology approach, we were able to successfully adapt to the tools used by Cratejoy in order to deliver on their metrics and KPIs.
  • Cratejoy’s knowledge base, powered by Guru, allowed Boldr team members instant access to the information they needed to perform their job. 
  • To top it off, we were able to generate work opportunities and create a professional team that has continued to grow alongside Cratejoy, delivering expert services that keep their customers happy, healthy, and successful.

“At Guru, we know how intimidating it can be for a new customer success representative to get on their first customer call or chat. That’s why we built software designed to meet reps where they’re already working, so Guru can be the safety net reps need to feel confident in answering  customer inquiries–quickly and accurately, during that first contact. By getting reps the trusted info they need in real time, Guru supports Boldr’s mission to help their reps grow and thrive alongside the companies they serve. It’s the perfect partnership of Boldr’s process and Guru’s technology!”

The Guru Team

As we mentioned before, Boldr’s purpose is for people to grow and connect. With Cratejoy and Guru, we’ve done just that. We created work opportunities in countries where talent abides, but opportunities may not. This high-performing team was capable of delivering on results, going the extra mile, and representing Cratejoy’s values. 


“By partnering with Boldr and Guru, our team has been able to significantly increase consistency in how we support our customers across a diverse team with a complex set of tools. The Guru product allowed clear setup and configuration for our needs and the Boldr team allowed us to rapidly adopt new best practices and improve our knowledge base.”

  • Chad Wegrecki, Product Support Manager at Cratejoy


The Result: Faster, More Efficient, More Empowered Customer Support (and Happier Customers!)


All of these efforts are paying off! Over the course of their engagement with Boldr and Guru, Cratejoy has achieved remarkable results, helping them live up to the “joy” that is their namesake:

  • Reduced time-to-resolution by providing in-workflow knowledge
  • Increased agent confidence with verified, trusted information
  • Reduced time-to-first-call for new agents with on-demand knowledge as a safety net

“After fully taking advantage of the services offered by Guru and utilizing the Boldr team’s ability to rapidly populate and update our documentation, we saw a significant improvement in our overall consistency as well as much faster resolution times across the majority of our teams.”

  • Chad Wegrecki, Product Support Manager at Cratejoy


Let’s Join Forces!

Boldr isn’t just about customer support. We can help increase your sales and revenue, manage your data systems to get the most out of your analytics, or even build a custom solution based on exactly what you want and need. Get a free consultation for your business today or explore our services.