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Manila: Navigating Non-Voice Opportunities – Boldr's Insightful Webinar with BagoSphere

In collaboration with BagoSphere, Rosano “Ros” de la Torre from our Learning & Development team led an insightful session focusing on non-voice job opportunities within a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) environment.

The session covered crucial aspects, including understanding non-voiced support roles, essential skills required for a successful career in this field, strategies for handling non-voiced support issues, and the evolving role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in support roles. Beyond providing valuable insights, Ros also highlighted career opportunities within Boldr.

The webinar garnered considerable engagement, with an average of 45 viewers, a peak of 56 live viewers, and an impressive count of 60 likes/shares, 209 comments, and 9 questions. The feedback was equally positive, with 41 respondents expressing their thoughts through the post-webinar survey, making it a successful and informative session.

Manila: Bringing support to the Aeta Community through the annual Share A Care initiative

Share a Care, an annual project led by Angelie Bautista, has once again extended its compassionate reach to the Aeta community in Pampanga. With a mission to prevent the community, especially children, from resorting to begging for food during the holiday season, the project collaborated with SSLG Macabebe High School.

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Together, we successfully distributed 200 packs comprising rice, canned goods, and assorted biscuits to the Aeta community in Florida, Pampanga. This thoughtful initiative reflects the commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of those in need, embodying the spirit of giving and compassion during the festive season.

Manila: Nurturing Education and Community Welfare in Quezon Province

For the third consecutive year, Boldr proudly stood in solidarity with the FFK year-end feeding program in Los Baños, Laguna, marking another impactful chapter in our commitment to community welfare. In December 2023, Boldr initiated a transformative journey dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of those in need. Our focus on education and community well-being materialized through collaborative efforts with Lakbay Lapis, reaching remote schools in Quezon Province and beyond.

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In partnership, we supplied essential learning tools, distributed second-hand educational books, and actively participated in Lakbay Lapis’s innovative program "Tanim ng Tatay/Nanay Ko, Aral Ko," contributing fertilizers to support sustainable farming practices. This collective endeavor reflects our unwavering dedication to uplifting underserved communities and fostering positive change through strategic initiatives.

Manila: Bridging Gaps in Mayoyao, Ifugao

In the spirit of giving, Boldr extended its support to Mayoyao, Ifugao, from December 15-18, 2023, bringing warmth and joy to the community. The initiative proved impactful as we provided essential school supplies and hygiene kits to more than 157 students spanning three remote schools in Mayoyao.

Some of the partners involved included PASSION Projects, Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines - Region 3 Alumni Association, VAV Studios, San Beda College of Law ‘92, Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific, Inc. and Alumni Society, Rotaract Club of Dasmarinas City, University of Perpetual Help System Laguna, and Department of Education - Ifugao.

We went a step further by donating computer sets, aiming to empower these far-flung areas with access to technology. This endeavor not only brightened the holiday season for the students but also highlighted our commitment to bridging educational and technological disparities in underserved communities.

Manila: Celebrating a Heartfelt Christmas by Bringing Joy to Children with Disabilities

In a heartwarming pre-Christmas initiative, the compassionate team members from ActionIQ, led by Fani Velasquez, dedicated their time and warmth to bringing joy to children with disabilities. These remarkable children, whose unique needs were assessed at the renowned University of Santo Tomas (UST) Hospital, underwent crucial evaluations to accurately identify their educational requirements and facilitate tailored assistance from the local government unit.

Following the medical check-ups, the ActionIQ team, in partnership with WOWLeap Inc. and PWD@Work Inc., extended their generosity by organizing a touching gift-giving event, creating meaningful connections with the children. We are so proud of our Boldranians who exemplified the true spirit of giving, spreading kindness to those who need it most, and leaving a lasting impact on the hearts of the children they helped.

Manila: Spreading Holiday Joy in Taytay, Rizal Through Gift-Giving and Feeding Program

In partnership with ALJC Acts Evangelism Church, Boldr led a gift-giving and feeding program project in Taytay, Rizal last December. This marks the third consecutive year of Boldr's support for this meaningful cause, beginning in 2021. The sheer joy and gratitude reflected in the faces of the children cannot be adequately expressed in words. Boldr's continued commitment to this initiative underscores our shared dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of those we serve, especially during the festive season.

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Manila: Heartwarming Feeding Program in Collaboration with Jesus Daily Ministry

In December, Eka Carbonera from the ShiftMed team took the lead in orchestrating the Dare To Care Feeding Program in collaboration with the Jesus Daily Ministry. The initiative aimed to provide a breakfast meal to 500 individuals, extending beyond food as church members generously donated sacks of rice and stuffed toys to further uplift the community.

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Eka's philosophy centers on the belief that incremental steps toward helping the community can bring about transformative change in individuals. While the tangible results may take time, she remains steadfast, guided by the conviction that in every action, there is a season. Witnessing the gratitude and smiles of those who received care during the event, Eka finds fulfillment in being the rainbow in someone else's cloud, affirming that she is on a purposeful journey of making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Manila: Spreading Love and Light for Three Consecutive Years in Pangasinan

Jai Escaño, the proponent of the LiJUANag ng Pasko (The Light of Christmas) Gift Giving and Feeding Program, is thrilled to share the heartwarming success of the project where we were able to extend joy to our Igorot Community in Pangasinan.

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With the support of Boldr for three consecutive years and in partnership with Villa Jireh GMRC Foundation Inc., we were able to distribute 100 gift packs filled with toys and school supplies. Additionally, we provided a significant contribution by presenting a computer set to the Batidape Community School at Sitio Baito.

Tacloban: Shielding Children in Eastern Samar from Amihan Season Through Rain Gear Donations

Situated in the North Eastern Region of the Philippines, Eastern Samar is no stranger to the challenges posed by its monsoon climate. The Northeast Monsoon, locally known as Amihan, ushers in cool and dry winds during the “ber” months, causing erratic weather patterns in the region.

Anticipating the onset of the Amihan season, Boldr collaborated with the Llorente Rural Health Unit (RHU) and San Jose SK Officials to make a meaningful impact. Led by Salie Escoto, we donated essential rain gear, including raincoats and rubber boots, along with vitamins, to a total of 111 children in San Jose, Llorente, Eastern Samar. This initiative not only equips the children to face the seasonal rainfall but also contributes to bolstering their immune systems, reflecting Boldr's commitment to the well-being of our communities.

Tacloban: Teaming Up to Transform Lives Through Basketball Officiating

In collaboration with the Basketball Association of the Philippines (BAP) Referee's Commission, Boldr partnered with this initiative that aimed to empower and uplift the lives of 10 beneficiaries through a two-day live-out accreditation for BAP professional referees. This project not only equipped individuals with a valuable skill set in basketball officiating but also created avenues for sustainable livelihoods.

Certified BAP trainers from Manila and Tacloban conducted a structured training program covering basketball rules, officiating techniques, and ethical conduct. After comprehensive training, each participant successfully passed an accreditation exam, obtaining professional referee certification. Beyond skill development, the project had a significant economic impact, as beneficiaries began earning income through their referee services, bringing financial stability and an enhanced quality of life.

This initiative elevated the professional capacities of the beneficiaries and enriched the broader community by providing skilled officials for various basketball events, including local tournaments, school competitions, and community games. For two years, Boldr has proudly partnered with BAP, relying on their officiating expertise during our Boldrlympics sports fest and Boldr Tacloban Basketball club tune-up games.

Mexico: Fostering Awareness with Generous Donations for Perritos CCBA

Boldranians from our Merida office recently engaged in a heartwarming activity where the team shared the cutest photos of their pets, and for each photo, a corresponding donation will be made to Perritos CCBA. This organization currently shelters 10 dogs and 5 cats still awaiting adoption.

The initiative garnered enthusiastic participation from 47 individuals, translating into a generous donation of 50 kilos of dog food, 20 kilos of cat food, and an assortment of 40 toys and treats for these furry companions. The project serves a deeper purpose — to raise awareness about the street animal situation in Merida, fostering empathy and advocacy for the well-being of pets in need.

Mexico: Empowering the Youth Through a Road Safety Workshop with Boldr Bike Club

In collaboration with the Boldr Bike Club, Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety, Entornos Amables, and Accion y Reflexion Feminista, we conducted an impactful 4-day workshop on road safety, spanning from November 23 to December 14.

The workshops not only imparted crucial knowledge to 30 participating children but also equipped them with essential tools for safe biking, including bike kits and safety equipment. Additionally, the participants received caps and snacks. Beyond the immediate benefits of safety awareness and tangible resources, the significance of this project lies in its contribution to fostering a culture of road safety among the youth. By empowering these children with the knowledge and equipment to navigate roads safely, the project serves as a proactive step toward creating a safer and more conscientious community for bikers and pedestrians alike.

Mexico: Mitigating Crisis Through the "Drink It Up Challenge" for Hurricane Otis Relief

Last November, Hurricane Otis left a trail of destruction in Mexico, emerging as a Category 5 hurricane with record-breaking sustained winds of 165 mph upon landfall on the Pacific side. Guerrero, in particular, grappled with the aftermath, notably in securing access to drinkable water.

Responding to the pressing needs of the victims, Boldranians from our Merida office initiated the Drink It Up Challenge, wherein for every liter of water consumed, Boldr pledged to donate 10 MXN. Collaborating with Pura, a fellow BCorp dedicated to sustainable solutions, we raised a total of 1,100 MXN through this challenge. This effort translated into tangible support, aiding at least 11 individuals in their struggle for clean water in the aftermath of Hurricane Otis.

Mexico: Radiating Joy with Tranzact's Random Acts of Kindness at Agustín O'Horan Hospital

As part of Tranzact's engagement initiatives, the Random Acts of Kindness project seeks to spread joy to individuals at the Agustín O'Horan Hospital, particularly in the urgency zone, by providing them with food and beverages.

On November 10, the Tranzact team arranged a heartwarming gesture, distributing 100 sandwiches to family members of those hospitalized at the Agustín O'Horan Hospital. This act of kindness not only aimed to bring comfort and sustenance to those waiting and caring for their loved ones but also served as a token of gratitude for the global spirit of kindness, symbolizing compassion within the community during challenging times.

Mexico: Empowering Women in Tech with SisterSTEAM

The SisterSTEAM program embarked on its journey with a dynamic kick-off session on December 2, marking the commencement of a holistic Wellbeing Training Model for Educational Insertion and Labor of Young Women in Science and Technology.

Our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry is exemplified through partnerships like SisterSTEAM. This initiative goes beyond conventional training as it aspires to create a robust support network for women navigating the challenges of careers in science and technology. The kick-off session saw the enthusiastic participation of 40 individuals, symbolizing the program's potential to empower and uplift women in the tech sector.

Mexico: Cultivating Well-Being with Casa Vida Independiente

On December 9, Karla Lopez and Geraldine Osorio from our Merida office partnered with Casa Vida Independiente for a mental health workshop. With 12 participants, the session covered tips on self-love and better sleep habits. Everyone received snacks and self-care kits, making the event not only informative but also supportive of their well-being. This project is significant for promoting mental health awareness and encouraging a community where self-care is valued. It's a small step towards creating a more understanding and caring environment for everyone involved. 

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