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From supporting education initiatives to promoting mental health awareness, Boldr's team members have been actively involved in projects across our global offices. This round-up showcases the impact of Boldr's efforts during March and April 2024 in various locations, including Manila, Tacloban, and Cape Town, along with a global initiative – Boldr Impact Day 2024.

We're excited to share the stories of how Boldr is empowering individuals and communities around the world. Join us to see how our community impact monthly efforts are building a brighter future.

Global: Boldr Impact Day 2024 Raises $1,024 for Education through 7-Minute Skills Watchathon

Earlier this year, Boldr celebrated Impact Day with an initiative that combined team members' talents and a commitment to education. Our team members participated in a skills-sharing activity called the 7-Minute Skills Watchathon. For each skill showcased, Boldr pledged to donate $7 to an education organization in the countries where we operate. 

Additionally, every view on the participants' videos on Boldr's YouTube channel contributed another $1 to the cause. By the end of the challenge, we successfully raised a total of $1,024. Donations went to AHA Learning Center in the Philippines, EdúcaTE Yucatán in Mexico, and Relate in South Africa. The significance of this project lies in its dual impact: fostering a sense of community and pride among team members while making a tangible difference in educational initiatives across our operating countries.

Boldr Impact Day 2024 Skills Watchathon

Manila: Boldr Supports Lakbay Lapis with Donations and Environmental Activities

In an effort to support education and the environment, Boldr recently donated school supplies and hygiene kits to Lakbay Lapis. This organization is a collective effort of young professionals, out-of-school youth, artists, and volunteers dedicated to providing education for children who are deprived of it. 

To further contribute to this cause, the Boldr Outdoor Club organized a hiking and tree-planting event, with 11 volunteers participating. This project not only provided essential supplies to children in need but also emphasized the importance of environmental conservation.

Lakbay Lapis Donations and Environmental Activities

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Manila: Empowering Young Artists at Palatiw Elementary School

To foster creativity and artistic expression among young students, Boldr provided 100 coloring books and materials to the kids of Palatiw Elementary School in Pasig City. The significance of this project led by Luzette Necio lies in its potential to inspire and nurture the creativity of young minds. 

Art plays a crucial role in a child's development, helping them to express themselves, enhance their fine motor skills, and boost their confidence. By equipping the students of Palatiw Elementary School with these resources, Boldr is not only supporting their education but also contributing to their overall growth and well-being.

Empowering Young Artists at Palatiw Elementary School

Tacloban: Empowering the Youth at DSWD Tacloban with Back-to-School Kits and Essentials

Boldr distributed 60 packs of back-to-school kits, personal hygiene kits, and multivitamins to individuals housed at the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Tacloban City Office and Shelter in an effort to support the upcoming school year 2024-2025. This initiative aims to equip these young individuals with the necessary resources to start their school year on the right foot. 

The significance of this project lies in its comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of students from vulnerable communities. With this project, Boldr ensures that these children are not only prepared for their academic pursuits but also supported in maintaining their health and well-being.

DSWD Tacloban with Back-to-School Kits

South Africa: Supporting Great Girls with Essential Educational Supplies for Future Success

On March 28, Boldr demonstrated its commitment to empowering young women by supporting Great Girls, a non-profit project in Cape Town. The donation included essential educational supplies such as exam pads, highlighters, black pen packs, file dividers, flash drives, packs of assorted motivational stickers, and rolls of colored paper. 

These resources are set to benefit 90 students, aiding them in their academic journey. This partnership with Great Girls not only highlights Boldr's dedication to community support and educational development but also reinforces the importance of empowering the next generation of leaders. By investing in the education and future careers of these young women, Boldr is helping to create a brighter future for all.

South Africa: Boldr Donates Podcasting Equipment to Support Mental Health Awareness in Schools

Last April, Boldr made a meaningful contribution to mental health advocacy by donating podcasting equipment to BRK the Stigma, a mental health podcast initiative aimed at schools. By enabling BRK the Stigma to reach more students, Boldr is fostering an environment where young individuals feel empowered to discuss their mental health openly. 

This initiative is significant as it not only provides practical resources for mental health education but also promotes a culture of understanding and acceptance. Through this project, Boldr continues to demonstrate its commitment to community well-being and the importance of mental health awareness.

Podcasting Equipment to Support Mental Health Awareness

South Africa: Boldr and Lions Club Wilro Park Join Forces to Refurbish Thandanani House of Refuge

Boldr made a significant impact in the lives of vulnerable children through a heartfelt initiative led by our very own COO Mari Parker. Partnering with Lions Club Wilro Park, Boldr spearheaded the refurbishment of the Thandanani House of Refuge, a sanctuary for abused and orphaned children. 

This collaborative effort transformed the living environment for 22 children aged between 4 and 20 years old, providing them with a safer and more nurturing space. The significance of this project lies in its contribution to the well-being and emotional stability of these young individuals, offering them hope and a sense of security.

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