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March is B Corp Month. We are proud to be B Corp certified because it keeps us focused and driven to achieve our impact goals, which ties in with our vision and mission as a company. Our Impact Round-Ups remind us that we are part of a larger community. We go beyond outsourcing by striving to make a difference in the world.

Global: Celebrating Boldr’s 6th year through play-to-donate games on Impact Day

2023 marks Boldr’s 6th anniversary! To celebrate, our Impact team hosted an Impact day where everyone from our global offices could participate in onsite and online games. For every participant a dollar was to be donated to a preselected NGO in the respective country of that team member. Do well in the games and we donate more.

Everyone enjoyed playing basketball, bowling, falling sticks, ring toss, balloon darts, Jeopardy, and even online Kahoot! By the end of the day, we reached a total donation of 1925 USD across our global offices. To make sure that we uphold our promise of supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the preselected NGOs promote health and wellbeing, achieve gender-equality, and ensure to combat environmental damage.





South Africa: Donating stationery packs to students of Darul Arqam Islamic High School

Kamielah Meyer, a Boldranian from our Cape Town office, proposed to help out students of Darul Arqam Islamic High School (DAIHS) by organizing a stationery run. The goal of the project was to provide the less fortunate and orphaned students a chance to have the same opportunity for available stationery. This would assist with a better education experience.

Kamielah was able to partner with All Traders Stationery & Print and they even shared some ideas on how to best compile the stationery packs so that each student would have maximum availability of stationery items. The donated items will be distributed to at least 9 students of DAIHS. 


South Africa: Supporting animals in the Knysna Townships through kennel donations

In ZA, one of our February initiatives was to support and improve the lives of our furry friends in the Knysna Townships, located in the Garden Route region of South Africa. CX Township Animals In Need, run by Penny Mainwaring and Lucy Morel, is a volunteer-run organization that helps the homeless animals in need. We are honored to partner with them and for the opportunity to help the animals in the area.

Boldr donated funds to have 12 kennels built for the dogs in need, so they can survive with warmth and shelter during the coming months. These doggies will also receive food, bowls, and basic medical assistance when needed.



Philippines: Relief operations for affected families from flooding in Old San Agustin, Basey, Samar

Streetlight Philippines, Boldr’s partner organization in Tacloban, held an urgent disaster response for victims of severe flooding caused by weeks of continuous rains in the entire region of Eastern Visayas. At least 50,000 families were affected by the floods.

Boldr provided monetary assistance to the organization to help evacuate the families from their flooded homes, provide food, water, medicine, and other basic necessities to get them through this difficult time. 


Philippines: Speaking engagement on Effective Communication in BPO Job Interviews

Interview skills are essential for hopeful job seekers who wish to find placement in the BPO sector, especially when it comes to virtual interviews. How you present yourself and how you communicate can help you towards a favorable interview.

In February 2023, Justine Sales from the Learning & Development Team shared his expertise on Effective Communication. He shared some valuable tips on how to nail BPO job interviews. Our collaborator, Bagosphere, has informed us that the presentation has been shared 27 times with 141 likes and 503 comments.

As per 67 survey respondents, the session was very informative and insightful. The newly graduated students and job seekers are all excited to apply the things they learned and felt job interview-ready after the presentation. 



Philippines: Plastic collection that helps keep plastics off our streets and oceans

Once again, we managed to have our partners The Plastic Flamingo (PLAF) pick up another set of recycled plastics, which we collected over the past few months. The PLAF collected roughly 84 kilos of plastic from our Boldr Manila office, which has now been taken off our streets and out of our oceans.

Boldranians will continue to bring in their dry and clean plastics to the office. As soon as the collection bags get full, the PLAF will collect it again and turn them into emergency shelters for populations hit by disasters or piled pontoons to secure habitats above rising sea level.



Philippines: Digital rights workshop for mothers of day care students

On behalf of our client NBC Universal, a large media organization, Boldr has donated 200 USD to Out of The Box (OOTB) in support of their digital rights workshops. We felt a donation to OOTB best aligns with each organization’s values, as OOTB has been at the forefront of the campaign to mainstream media literacy practices in the Philippines.

The digital rights workshop was attended by 20 mothers of day care students from Barangay Payatas. The speakers shared information on different digital rights and digital safety issues, while the participants shared their personal experiences, including being scammed online and succumbing to fake news. The participants listened intently to the discussions and asked questions about the online risks that they often fall victim to. The speakers were able to answer these questions and give the participants suggestions on practices that would make their online activities safer.



Mexico: Creating a safe space for team members to interact and talk about self-love

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Boldranians from our Merida office conducted a self-love workshop. The workshop advocated for safe spaces for our team members to talk about self-love. It was attended by 8 team members and 3 visitors. The cost of the session is used to support women through Mind It Health, a local organization that transforms lives one mind at a time by creating access to mental health services and gender perspectives for all people. These types of community projects also benefit women survivors of violence.


Mexico: Equipping a local business the materials needed to increase their brand exposure

In partnership with Secretaría de las Mujeres Yucatán (Semujeres), Boldr supported a group of women cultivating Melipona beecheii, an endemic bee known as the sacred Mayan bee. They were hoping to consolidate their brand and products.

We supported them through Noemi Muñoz from Empatyka, a local marketing agency. Noemi led this project by coming up with a brand and marketing strategy for the group. She created a name and logo design, uniforms, and labels for the women and part of the process included discussion of the guidelines of the marketing materials.



James Fouche is the Content Manager at Boldr, as well as an author and a columnist. He is passionate about sharing his love of reading and writing with others.