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The most important thing the pandemic taught us is that solidarity is the strongest feeling humanity can have. The second most important thing it taught us is that we can now work from anywhere! Remote work isn’t just the future – it’s a reality. The funny thing, though, is that remote work now goes both ways – talented people are looking for an option where they get to be home with their kids or family while companies are expanding their borders beyond the physical to hire extraordinary talent from anywhere in the world

The latter is where a global Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or an Employer of Record (EOR) can come in handy. Allow us to explain.


What Is A Global PEO (Professional Employer Organization)?

Hiring someone from overseas is fairly simple nowadays. All you need to do is look up people on a freelancing platform and ta-dah! 1.1 billion freelancers are available worldwide, every single one of them willing to answer your query and get the job done. And don’t get us wrong – freelancing is all fine and good… except for the fact that it doesn’t allow team members to grow and evolve throughout their career path. Lost control over tasks, ongoing workflow difficulties, and security liabilities are a few of the complications that can arise as well. To sum it up, hiring freelancers is not a viable long-term solution for any business. Unless the team members are adopted into the company through a PEO partner.


Time to answer the obvious question: what in the world is a PEO?


A global PEO is a business model that allows companies to hire talent in a foreign country by acting as the Employer of Record (EOR). This process lets businesses meet legal compliance when hiring overseas thanks to the EOR’s knowledge on local labor context (such as taxes required and proper salary banding) needed to hire someone in a specific country. Also, the EOR assumes the liability and fulfills the responsibilities of a local employer to the employee, ensuring that the companies hiring the team can focus on managing their team, getting results, and developing the talent they hire. 

To simplify, companies use global PEOs to:

  • Have access to hire foreign talent
  • Reduce risk, paperwork, and overhead (since they don’t need to set up and invest in a local entity)

This way, if your US-based company wants to expand and hire amazing talent from Asia, you don’t need to invest in setting up a local entity, get frustrated at different taxation practices, or wonder how in the world you’re supposed to remain compliant with payroll. You just need to tap your global PEO partner and get the ball rolling.

A global PEO partner takes care of the following:

  • Payroll management
  • Tax management
  • Getting local talent ready for a global career
  • Legal compliance and due diligence as a local employer
  • HR functions
  • Employee benefits

At Boldr, we go the extra mile when it comes to our PEO service. We do all of the above, with a few extra bonus  features thrown in. Here are some of them:

  • Analysis of role needs 
  • Candidate sourcing and qualification (Talent Acquisition & Recruitment)
  • Management of all recruitment costs 
  • Drafting of all contracts and ensuring their compliance with legal requirements
  • Onboarding (for both employee and client)
  • Administrative tasks related to recruitment in each country  
  • Platform to manage time sheets
  • Work permits and work visa applications (if applicable)
  • Termination of contracts or employee dismissal
  • Extra team member benefits, such as: 
    • Health Coverage
    • Paid Leaves
    • Mental Health
    • COVID contingency programs
    • Calamity support 
    • 24/7 IT Support
    • Data privacy & security
    • And fun clubs that help our team members bond! (Mindfulness and Meditation, Bikers’ Club, Board Games, Outdoor & Hiking, Book Clubs, Runners’ Club, & E-Sports)

A fundamental element of Boldr’s PEO solution is the daily management of the teams.  Why? Because we let our clients handle it! We help you find and attract the right talent and handle everything on the backend. You handle their growth, daily tasks, and project execution. This builds a healthy relationship that  keeps your team members engaged while you focus on nurturing and honing the talent they bring to your business.


At Boldr, we offer global PEO services for the Philippines, Mexico, and South Africa. And unlike other PEO/EORs, we also handle talent acquisition and sourcing for you, taking the recruitment stress out of your hands! We also have plenty of extra benefits for your team members, making sure they’re supported and set up for success.

The cherry on top? We offer a workplace with an authentic, warm, and welcoming culture. We’ll check in on your team members and make sure that they’re supported and taken care of. Or in Boldr terms, that they’re happy, healthy, and successful. After all, they’re our team members, too!


But wait – is there a difference between PEO and EOR?

Since we’ve been using both of these acronyms repeatedly, you might be wondering at this point if there’s a difference between PEO and EOR. The answer is yes and no. A standard PEO functions as a co-employment strategy, while a global PEO/EOR acts as an Employer of Record for your company. Confused? Don’t be! We explain everything in this article.

To clarify this a bit further in Boldr terms:

  • As a Global PEO, we take care of drafting local employment contracts according to the laws of each country, in addition to supplemental insurance and work permits. 
  • As a Global PEO and through our EOR service entity, we will help you find the talent you need, manage the payroll and benefits while leaving all the day-to-day management and performance of the team to you. It’s your team – we’re just the ones behind the payslips.

What are the benefits of hiring a Global PEO/EOR?

Getting to the interesting part: what are the benefits of hiring a global PEO/EOR partner? In short,  what’s in it for you and your team members?

To be honest, this is too interesting a topic and deserved its own article. We outline the basic benefits here, but take a deeper dive into all of the advantages and benefits our global PEO solution can provide here. 

  • For the employer: access to a global talent pool, expertise in the local legal environment, compliance with local law, regulated taxation and payroll processes, no internal team replacement, and team member management.
  • For the team member: payroll and compensation, extra work benefits, legal and compliance assurance, extended company benefits from the hiring company to the team member, and the Boldr culture and team support!

Read our full list of benefits in this article!


What Boldr Brings To The Table As Your Global PEO Partner


We don’t like to say we’re different. We prefer to show you why we’re different. We’re a Global Employment Solution, and through our Employer of Record service, we support your entire employee life cycle: from recruitment to retirement. Here’s what you get when you choose Boldr as your global PEO partner:


We’ll help you scope the job to fit your budget & attract the right talent locally

We know how much this means to you. We  focus on understanding your business to recommend the best structure for you.

  • We help you create a job description and job title that would best attract local talent
  • We’ll quote the salaries and employment  per region based on your job description
  • We’ll teach you local context on how best to manage a team member


We’ll help you discover unicorns & provide an excellent candidate experience

Finding talent is arduous and difficult. We’ll help you navigate through it to ensure you’re unearthing the unicorns you’re looking for.

  • We’ll define the talent acquisition process with you, understanding your hiring requirements at every stage
  • We’ll post your job description on local job boards and start the sourcing process
  • We’ll administer your assessments and requirements, pre-interviewing candidates and narrowing down the pool to ensure you’re getting the best candidates


We’ll onboard & set up your team members for success

Your team members’  success is our success. We’ll make sure they have everything they need to start working.

  • We’ll create sound employment contracts that protect your company and your new hires
  • We’ll structure your employee’s salary package with competitive locally administered benefits
  • We’ll procure devices and software locally (based on your requirements) and establish data security systems to keep your data safe
  • We’ll onboard your team member to our local HR and Payroll systems


We’ll act as concierge & provide support services for your team’s needs

Your team members can always count on us. We have their back. 

  • We’ll provide 24/7 HR and IT concierge services for your team members
  • We handle as-needed consultation with the client management teams to support you through team member management
  • We’ll run consistent check-ins from the local support team to make sure your team member is happy, healthy, and successful 


We’ll develop your team members for the long run

We don’t just offer jobs. We build careers. 

  • We’ll coordinate performance reviews with you and your team members to help make sure they’re hitting their career goals and milestones
  • We’ll collaborate with you on salary appraisals, considering best local labor practices
  • We offer Boldr’s training and impact activities, open for all team members!


Work With Us!

Creating the best Global Employment Solution is what drives us every day. It allows us to work with great companies and even better people. It gives us the chance to make the world a better place through employment opportunities in communities where talent abides, but the possibility to thrive and work may not. By working with us, you get access to brilliant talent from any of our regions. Meanwhile, you also allow us to carry on our mission to help people grow and connect, meaning that as you grow, we grow with you.

Hire the best talent from Boldr’s markets, today. Learn more about the different global hiring solutions we offer or book a call with us here!