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Our Tranzact team members share their happiest moments at Boldr during a bonding dynamic.

Joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment. These and many other words embody the definition of a question we’ve all asked before: what is happiness? What makes me happy? Am I happy now? And a more “adult” question – am I happy at work?

Happiness in the workplace has become a tough conversation to have, exacerbated by the fact more than half of the US workers are unhappy with their jobs, while 85% of people downright hate them. While this is all part of the Great Resignation, it leaves companies and employers with the tremendous responsibility of looking out for the team members’ welfare, well-being, and above all, happiness. This is a responsibility that Boldr takes seriously – especially when we take into account the fact that we spend one third of our lives working. ONE. THIRD. By all means, what you do every day should make you happy. That’s why at Boldr we strive to foster a warm, welcoming, and overall joyous environment throughout all our locations. Culture is the key to team member success and engagement. But walking the talk is even more important to ultimately ensure a happy state of mind.


Why we’re telling you all this

This intro was really just a long way of telling you that one of our Mexico team captains asked his team members what their happiest moments at Boldr were. And this is what the team had to share:


“When I had my first anxiety attack at the office, I thought they were going to fire me… But Silvia & Charlie, who are like family to me, approached me and made me feel like a person, a human being, and not just a number at a company.”

Dennise Rios


“The day after my birthday was good! My team gave me cupcakes and breakfast. I had never gotten anything like that during a birthday from people outside of my family. It felt super cool and it’s something that I won’t forget.”

Jose Leonardo Cervera Llanes


Spending time with everyone is special. Every time we have events and activities at the office they bring us snacks and food.”

Constanza Sofia Marrufo Sierra


I’ve had very happy times at  Boldr. The celebration at the end of AEP was a very happy and nostalgic moment – one that I’m very fond of. Also, when we celebrated Christmas and they gave us gifts. I enjoyed it all.”

Daniela Andrade


“I loved my birthday at Boldr. I had a great time with all the beautiful people at the office, with double breakfast, cake, pizza, and everything. In general, going to the office always involves happy moments.

Iris Lizeth Moreno Juan Qui


“When Impact allowed me to give a nutrition talk and the opportunity to create a channel about it. I realized that the spirit of Boldr goes beyond money.

Vanessa Alejandrina López Briseño


“On Thanksgiving day at the AEP, it was super nice to see how grateful everyone felt and how everyone agreed that Boldr was their family! Even though I didn’t know everyone, that day I felt a lot of love and affection (both from me and others). It was also nice to hear that many had personal problems and how being part of Boldr had helped them overcome them.”

Ambar Arjona Escalante


My first day of work was my favorite day. I remember saying to myself “the months will pass & I’ll realize how far I’ve come”. I have been here for half a year, and I’m still excited for what’s yet to come.

Emilio Andrés Montiel Leo


“I remember several moments fondly. When they told me that I had been chosen to work with Boldr, I was in a very difficult moment in my life. It was like a lifeline that I clung to in the middle of the storm that was the AEP (I remember my first sale to a lady named Mary Christmas, real). Today, I trust my abilities and the people who have helped & supported me. I feel very happy. Every day is an opportunity to share these joys & learn to enjoy the calm, and also when it gets dark I have learned to guide myself by the stars. My team members are the stars.”

Nelson Joaquin Arthury Ibarra Canul


“All the moments of satisfaction from the AEP, the achievements, the sales, and especially THE PEOPLE that Boldr has allowed me to meet, all so authentic and great. The recognition and VALUE that they give you within the company (something that in many other companies DO NOT do). Knowing that I can be myself, without being told things like “you can’t wear this type of shirt”. The moment they told me that I would stay after the AEP and in general every day for me – it is a joy to come to the office. Before, I used to clock in at 9 am and get up at 8:40 am because I didn’t want to go to that toxic workplace. Now, I love getting to work early every day.”

Pedro Amaury Cuevas Avila


“When the first gift from Boldr arrived at my house, it was beautiful, it was a little bottle of red wine that I loved, spicy peanuts,  chocolates,  and a very encouraging little card! I knew at that moment that this company is different. In all my former jobs I never felt like that! Also when I confirmed that being AUTHENTIC is really cool here. CONGRATULATIONS BOLDR!!! A UNIQUE COMPANY!!!”

Carmen Vianney Ochoa Govea


“My best memory with Boldr was the first time that we went to karaoke! Seeing the people I work with outside of that “salesmen role”, I realized that they are just as human as me & that at the end of the day, despite any job, client, or company, you will have them as trustworthy people for a lifetime. “

Gaspar Capetillo Aguilar


What This Means To Us

Our team members’ happiness and well-being come first and foremost, always. This is part of the reason why our efforts are people-first, focused on making sure everyone at Boldr is taken care of. Aside from the legal benefits allocated per region, globally we offer extra benefits like work from home modalities, health coverage, paid leaves, COVID contingency programs, mental health support, and even fun clubs where our team members can bond while engaging in different activities. 

We focus on bringing our three values (Curious, Dynamic, Authentic) into our work every single day, making sure every team member can be their best, authentic selves at work. After all, what is life all about, if not being happy?

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