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For many, the first half of 2022 will go down as a year of recovery, especially after the pandemic blow to the world economy. Taking care of those in need or giving back to the community were responsibilities that shifted down the list of priorities. However, the Boldr team in Mexico has embraced the year with gusto – and for them, it was always about giving back. Here’s a quick recap of what the team’s been up to in 2022.

Boldr Health Week

We know how important it is for our team members to be in the right space, which is in line with our heart-body-mind-soul outlook. That’s why this February we roped in certain local businesses to present their health services to our team members and their family members. The aim was to increase health benefits for our teams across the board, while encouraging them to take care of themselves. We held 5 online sessions, 2 onsite sessions, and hosted 1 onsite stand. About 130 team members joined and participated in these sessions.


Pink Belt Self Defense Seminar


In March, we took the safety of the women within the local community to a whole new level. We wanted our team members, or the women in their lives, to learn how to defend themselves through self-defense techniques. The Great North Combat MMA Academy in Mexico helped 11 participants to complete their basic training, while 6 of the team members went on to achieve their pink belt.


Children’s Day


We visited Comedor Pancitas Llenas in April. As a local soup kitchen, they are dedicated to helping the kids from more than 40 low-income households to meet their dietary requirements. On the day, 18 volunteers gave up their time to entertain 110 participants from the local community. By helping the children to enjoy themselves, we were able to build a relationship with Comedor Pancitas Llenas for future community initiatives.


Board Games & Coffee

Also in April, and again later in June, Boldr Mexico felt compelled to remember the senior citizens that we so often forget about. We partnered with Servicios para el Envejecimiento Activo and Café Relato, a local coffee business, to host events where we played board games and enjoyed coffee with the elderly folks from the surrounding area. As an activity, this promoted the opportunity for Boldr team members to connect with people from different generations and to show that you are never too old to have some fun.


Beach Cleanup


For May we decided to hit the beach. Instead of soaking up the rays or enjoying the waves, we decided to dedicate our time to cleaning up a 5km section of Chelem Beach. As a company, we aspire to create awareness about environmental contamination, while promoting the correct process of recycling.


Basic Tech Skills Workshop

In June we shifted our focus to the students within the local Tzacala community. We wanted to provide students at middle-high school and high school levels with the opportunity to keep learning from other institutions. We achieved this by offering 7 participants basic tech knowledge during an interactive and engaging training session.


Exercise Challenge

In August 2021, they spearheaded the Boldr Exercise Challenge. The purpose of this initiative was not only to encourage team members from all countries to put on their exercise shoes and get active, but also to create an exciting platform where team members could contribute donations to worthy causes within their communities. In June, the challenge was once again put to Boldr teams worldwide to mount their bikes or to slip on their sneakers for the 2022 Exercise Challenge. Team members in the Philippines and South Africa were so inspired by the initiative, that they got exercising right away. In the end, they secured donations in excess of $4700, which was paid to the designated beneficiary institutions.



The Year Ahead

Early in July they already dedicated 67 minutes of their time, as well as additional donations, to a local soup kitchen and veterinary practice for Mandela Day. By tackling a different need every month, the Mexico team has shown that they are committed to giving back to their communities. As a B Corp Certified outsourcing company we get excited when our team members showcase their passion to make the world a better place.


James Fouche is a Content Writer at Boldr, an author and a columnist. He is passionate about sharing his love of reading and writing with others.