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The Business Process Outsourcing industry in the Philippines has been going skyward for years. The country has consequently taken the throne as the world’s call center capital, with all its three major cities ranking in the 2019 Tholons Top 100 global outsourcing destinations. In the Philippines, there’s a good chance you at least know someone who works in a BPO company and knows what life in the BPO industry looks like.

Have you ever been curious about what really goes on in the BPO world? Let’s take a look at some common wonderings and how Boldr manifests the underlying truths and opportunities.


What exactly does life in the BPO industry look like?

Business Process Outsourcing companies hire talent to provide operational support to client businesses that need it. In the Philippines, most clients are U.S. based — thanks to the overall English proficiency and culture fit of the modern Filipino. While the local industry largely provides customer support, other disciplines can be found in motion in a BPO company as well.

At Boldr, you will find a melting pot of customer advocates, retention specialists, data services associates, content moderators, creatives, analysts, recruiters, designers, and many more! Wherever your passions lie, there’s likely a BPO job for you.


So, is BPO work more challenging than easy?

Some jobs might look easy, but there’s no such thing when you’re constantly striving to up the ante! As fast as the industry is soaring, operations and support systems are constantly improving and innovating. On top of that, the sheer diversity of BPO jobs would surely give most people a fitting challenge.


Two of our Operations Champs candidly sharing multitasking tips… or cooking up the next inside joke.

Our services span a diverse range of industries and roles. Our different teams help each other take our work to the next level. This is what truly embodies being Curious, Dynamic, and Authentic. It’s the constant motion towards making a lasting impact on the Client, Company, and Community. We’re always eager to keep things fresh and relevant!


How do you grow a career in a BPO company?

The future possibilities are as boundless as the current opportunities! One of the underrated things about BPO is the exposure to a vast array of businesses, which can equip you for even a potential industry shift in the future. There’s a good chance of gaining exposure to working with international clients and colleagues too. Such experiences can help you take your communication skills, networks, and business perspectives to a more global level. Having BPO roles that welcome undergraduates could also mean you get to kick off your career early.


Team members sit down for one of the General Learning sessions, covering anything from work skills to lifestyle and social awareness.


Team members pose after their weekly French lesson. Everyone here is welcome to join in!

Boldr fosters a culture that encourages growth and self-discovery. It’s common here to see people move across departments and up the ranks, as they continue to grow and develop themselves. That’s because our managers always take the responsibility of asking themselves the question: “How do I help this person grow?” There are constantly-evolving internal support systems that enable our people to perform at the top of their game. Our Learning and Development team offers a vast selection of skills that people can learn at their own pace. It is always a pleasure for us to play a part in someone’s professional journey.

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Can I stay happy and healthy in a BPO company?

The physical and mental adjustment to unconventional work hours, in addition to the complex and fast-paced work, can seem a handful. That doesn’t mean it has to be a huge burden, though. In an industry where talented people directly influence business success, making a conscious efforts to our team’s wellness is pivotal to our success.

Engagement is a huge part of the unique culture we have at Boldr. It’s the kind of culture that you have to experience for yourself to fully appreciate. We are dedicated to providing a fun and safe workplace where people can be their glorious selves. To make sure everyone is heard and involved in important matters, we’ve assembled a People Committee that represents each team/department. Boldr also invested further in its people by getting an in-house counselor onboard. We recognize the challenges that come with our jobs and join hands in our advocacy for mental health.


We are all born superstars: pride and festivity filled the air as team members got their glam on next to our LGBTQ+ Pride Wall

We don’t skimp on activities for our people’s enjoyment and learning, either. One of these activities is the Wellness Challenge that encourages healthy habits along with teamwork and camaraderie. We challenge the mundane by keeping our brains sharp with simple activities such as weekly puzzles and daily riddles. We also hold activities for social awareness, such as our recently concluded Pride Month.

What the fast-paced BPO industry needs are companies that can ride with the rapidly evolving technology, business demands, and employee needs. As outsourced work continues to grow into our daily lives, it’s high time that we discover more of what it is and what it can be. Want to learn more about BPO work and our available jobs? Feel free to drop us a line!

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