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B Corp Month has come to an end, but we sure had a blast! If you missed any of our B Corp Celebrations, don't worry - we've put together a recap just for you.

First Week:

We’re part of a movement of companies that want to do good for the planet. We started B Corp Month with our Thunderclap video, this served as a reminder to our community about the work B Corps do to create more inclusive workspaces, improve their climate impact and respond to the ever-changing issues in the world.

Followed by our Feature with GoodFX, where our Director of Global Impact, Glo Guevarra sat down with Rob Hayward to talk about our B Corp journey. In this interview, Glo highlighted the benefits of being a B Corp and some recommendations she would give to businesses looking to get certified.

“The reason why we chose to go through the rigorous process of becoming a B Corp is because, at the end of the tunnel our reward is to continue to do more good and hold ourselves accountable to the impact we do while being certified is just a secondary benefit.”

One of the things that excite us about being a B Corp is working with like-minded and values-aligned companies. A few months back, we sat down with our client Isaac Gray, Support Manager at Urth, to talk about all things B Corp.

"There is a shift happening where people are wanting to become more aligned with giving back to the planet and also to people. Potential employers and employees are looking for companies that make an impact."

To conclude the first week of celebrations, we launched Boldr Economics. A model integrating client success, career growth, and community impact. Launching this project internally and externally was a pivotal moment, marking a significant step forward in our commitment to positively and sustainably impacting both our clients and the communities we serve.

Second Week:

During this week we explored what it means to be a B Corp. To do this, we shared an infographic detailing our B Corp Certified Business Model, where we combine humanity and performance through innovation and social sustainability.

Our mission is to encourage the outsourcing industry to embrace B Corp status, challenging negative perceptions and providing opportunities through ethical outsourcing practices. This takes us to our next highlight of the week.A few years back we asked ourselves the question: “How do we make a real impact by existing?” In 2022 we created our Theory of Change which then focused our impact efforts on expanding access to education and providing meaningful employment.

But we felt something was missing: our clients' successes. This served as inspiration to launch our Boldr Economics. During the second week, we shared a graphic explaining how our Theory of Change provided shared opportunities for an equitable world.

The week wouldn’t have been complete without giving a shoutout to our providers who are also B Corps. In this edition, we celebrated our partnership with Gifts for Good, a women-owned social impact gifting platform committed to supporting non-profits and small businesses.

We partnered with Gifts for Good to offer our clients a unique gifting experience last holiday season.

Third Week:

Exciting things happened on the third week as we attended the B Lab Champions Retreat in Vancouver, Canada. Glo Guevarra proudly represented Boldr and connected with fellow B Corps to unlock new ways for people and the planet to thrive.

Image sourced from B Lab U.S. & Canada LinkedIn post

This year’s theme, Restore, engaged attendees on a journey toward personal and collective restoration and the power of healing in a community.

That same week we talked about the state of gender parity in the labor market and how it remains a significant challenge with women's participation slipping globally in recent years. Despite this, there are over 1,800 women-owned B Corps and they are twice as likely to be led by majority-female management teams. 

Through impact sourcing, we can provide job opportunities for women across the locations we operate in. We are committed to prioritizing initiatives that allow women to gain the skills required to enter the BPO industry and break glass ceilings.

Ending the week with our second B Corp provider of the month BUNA, a coffee brand committed to preserving ecosystems through sustainable extraction methods. By doing so, they aim to increase biodiversity, productivity, and overall well-being.

We thank Buna Café Rico for this partnership and for delighting our partners and peers with great coffee.

Fourth Week:

Our last week of B Corp month came faster than expected, we celebrated the end of a great month with our very own B Corp Webinar “B for Benefit: How is Benefiting the World Good for Business too?” with our incredible host and panelists Marybeth Alexander, CEO and founder of Knowledge Owl, Maiya Holliday, CEO and founder of Mangrove Web, Thomas Bourne, Founder and Chief Ecosystem Officer at Greenheart and our CEO, David Sudolsky.

Check out the takeaways here.

So, what’s next for us as a B Corp? We are already looking forward to finding new ways to grow our impact. Stay tuned for more impact content in our blog!

Aitana Rangel Garibay is Boldr’s Social Media Specialist and she is passionate about writing purpose-driven stories.