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On my first day at Boldr, I was overwhelmed by the number of Slack communication channels in use. It might be because of the culture shock, but I thought, “Do we really need all these?” I would later find out that a huge chunk of our internal communication happened over instant messaging channels.

I began researching the effect of internal communication channels in other business platforms. According to an Alfresco survey, conducted with more than 753 business professionals, nearly 83% of participants depended on technology to collaborate. This alone proves that internal communication plays a valuable role in an organization’s success.

Some further reading revealed the following statistics:

  • 85% of employees said they’re most motivated when management offers regular updates on company news. (Trade Press Services)
  • Businesses with highly engaged employees are able to bring in 21% more profit than those who do not. (Rise People)
  • Employee productivity increases by 20 to 25% in organizations where employees are connected. (Inc)
  • Businesses with effective Internal communication are 50% more likely to have lower employee turnover. (Clear Company)

The benefits of an effective communication strategy

The best way to illustrate the advantages of internal communication processes is by looking at Boldr’s enthusiastic application of their comms strategy across various digital channels.


Know your purpose

Internal communication provides a sense of purpose. As team members, we want to understand our goals, have a clear sense of the plans to reach them, and be confident in the value of our contributions toward those plans. This was especially true when I was still learning the ropes of my role in the Impact team.

Another component to illustrate purpose involves visualizing the actions that team members can take in order to make this contribution. An example of this would be Boldr’s regular Town Halls, Spotlight sessions, and Shoutouts in our Intranet Community page where we share information about the team or company-wide achievements and goals. This keeps Boldranians motivated because recognizing and rewarding milestones increases a team’s sense of progress.


Come up with plans

To be more impactful, you must be intentional. We must begin with the end in mind and start a plan with goals. Strive to know your audience and their needs, conduct research, create a message that resonates and is delivered with a frequency of contact that keeps everyone informed and in the loop. Finally, provide a feedback mechanism. Boldr’s onboarding process is a great example of impactful and intentional communication. The way it was conducted was a game changer because it acclimates new team members to their roles, Boldr’s philosophies, and what it has to offer.



Promote action

Internal communication promotes both internal and external action. For example, encouraging our team members to bring their dry, clean, and no-stain plastics helps create eco-planks for the construction of transitional shelters in the Philippines, alongside other sustainable eco-products. As Boldr continues to seek ways to empower our 3 C’s (our company, our clients, and our community), we are also working on maximizing the positive impact we create for our stakeholders through a Volunteer Program. This is a valuable opportunity for team members to apply and develop their social skills and broaden their perspectives on certain realities of the community in which we live and work.


Find your community

Being part of an impact-driven organization can sometimes feel daunting and difficult, but a supportive and similarly aligned community can make it a walk in the park. It can drive engagement and help team members feel connected to the company in ways other than simply believing in a company’s mission.

This is why I appreciated all those Slack channels (which have changed to Gchat Spaces!😉) It felt as though I was a part of the company. Boldr Clubs, another internal platform, encourages team members to use their knowledge for change in their own work. Boldr Mindfulness and Meditation Club conducts regular sessions that help keep our mental health in check. Boldr Outdoor Club once arranged a Hike-for-a-Cause for a team member’s wife who had a heart condition. These are just a few of Boldr’s communities that promote a vision of developing peoples’ personal and professional growth while creating an impact in everyone’s lives.



Cross borders

We all know that internal communication provides an effective flow of information between an organization’s departments and colleagues. As a business with an ever-expanding international footprint, where team members work in different time zones with limited windows to conduct virtual meetings, Boldr’s communication strategy is often put to task. We take into consideration the different cultures when communicating with Boldranians in other global offices. The tone of communication should respect cultural differences in terms of attitude to work, behavior, and customs. Internal comms assist with company-wide understanding, particularly where people speak different languages and have varying practices.


Internal communications have championed Boldr’s impact-driven philosophy

Aside from numbers and statistics, Boldr’s approach to internal communication ensures that it lives true to its goal of being an impact-driven business. As a B-Corp certified enterprise, Boldr is able to focus on skills development for successful career paths, generating sustainable economic opportunities for the communities where we live and work, and delivering long-term value and results for our clients. These pillars ensure that even as Boldr grows our core mission still relies on Impact.

Being the Knowledge Management Coordinator, it is my responsibility to maintain the implementation of knowledge-sharing and collaborative workflow streams, with an emphasis on internal learning and its application. I make sure that the right information goes to the right people and that this knowledge is applied to everyone’s respective roles to help them succeed. With the recent launch of our Intranet, the goal is to make it the single source of truth for Boldranians who play fundamental roles in supporting our internal communication and relationship-building processes, while strengthening a positive work culture.

While I’ve only been with Boldr for 3 months, I have seen how they uphold our vision, culture, and purpose through simple employee satisfaction surveys, skill training courses prepared by an L&D team, a special pamper day as a return-to-office treat, and lots more. I’m fortunate to be part of this amazing company and look forward to the coming years where I can champion a knowledge, management-enabling culture that is aligned with Boldr’s growth.


Chay Ama is the Knowledge Management Coordinator at Boldr. Her experience in organizational communication, marketing, customer service, social media, photography, styling, and visual storytelling earns her the self-proclaimed title “jack-of-all-trades.”