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Our decision to expand Boldr’s operations into Canada was a relatively easy one, though it took a lot of researching and planning. As Founder and CEO, it is imperative to consider Boldr’s growth based on our values: Client, Company, and Community. With that in mind, we are excited to introduce our Canadian team, and share why we decided to branch out to Canada.


We love Canada

It’s no surprise that we love Canada. We love the beautiful landscapes, enjoy maple syrup, and we are captivated by the black squirrels that roam Toronto. But it goes beyond all that. We love the people, the diverse culture and the opportunities that Canada represents. Much like our decision to establish ourselves in South Africa, which we fell in love with because of its strong sense of multiculturalism, we also see the benefits and opportunities of what that holds for Canada.


Onshore outsourcing opportunity

The fact that America lies just across the border, is a great motivator for most US businesses. They are able to offshore the services they require, but are equally at ease that engagement and evaluation can be had at a moment’s notice. Nearshore outsourcing solutions also offer a market for US businesses to access incredible talent with a proven track record for excellent customer service, while still being economically viable.


Building immigration pathways

We are excited to build global pathways for our best talent in other geographic locations. By doing so, we stay true to our mission of creating opportunities for those who have little access to opportunity and growth. A great example of this is the story of Samara.

Samara worked at our Manila office in the Philippines as a Quality Assurance Automation Engineer. More than anything in the world, she wanted to move to another country to provide a better future for her and her family. They had family in the US, so they had an interest in North America. Canada’s immigration process made it an easy choice for Samara and her family.

“Our journey started like any other person who wants to move countries. I was looking for a way to give a possible future to my kids, my husband and our fur babies. After months of research, we were considering a study visa to emigrate to Canada, because it allowed for a spouse to join their partner,” explained Samara. “But when it was mentioned in our company ‘town halls’ that Boldr had a Canadian sister company, I was intrigued by the idea of an internal transfer. Once approved, the relocation was fairly simple for us. We packed our bags and looked for a place to live. The transfer helped tremendously with how we were planning on actually surviving in Canada without draining our savings.”

Samara has since settled into her new life in Canada. We were excited to learn about this process from Samara’s experience so that we can design a program to simplify internal transfers for other Boldranians in the future. By creating similar opportunities for team members in our Mexican, South African and Philippine offices, we can fill skills gaps in Canada, while calling on local skills to further expand our Canadian team.

While we hope to create favorable outsourcing alternatives for our partners, we are equally excited about the positive contribution this will bring to Canada’s post-pandemic economic recovery plans.


Meet the team


Mari, Abbey, Ken and David getting into character with other members of our founding team in Canada. Don’t let the axes scare you! We plan to boldly go where no lumberjack has gone before.

Our crew in Canada will be driving Boldr’s mission to deliver consistent operational excellence to clients seeking a nearshore outsourcing solution. Come drink a cup of coffee with maple syrup (seriously) alongside Abbey Sparks and Ken Northmore!


Abbey Sparks – Country Director Boldr Canada

With over 17 years of experience in the BPO and contact center industry, Abbey has demonstrated her strengths as a key strategic partner by driving programs from the planning phase through to its tactical execution. She has learned to foster a culture of teamwork and professional development, which she believes is what will differentiate Boldr Canada. For Abbey, Canada represents the perfect opportunity for Boldr to continue growing impactful partnerships globally, while providing a work environment where Canadian team members can truly thrive.


“It’s seldom that an organization is so passionate and dedicated to being an impact-driven business. Boldr is determined to give back, to generate opportunities and to make the world a better place. With Canada ranking first in the world in its immigration policies, commitment to global justice and social purpose, I feel extremely proud and excited to be at the forefront of introducing Boldr to my fellow Canadians, future team members and business partners.

What excites me most about this opportunity is the growth potential holistically. For our team members, the opportunity for career advancement, learning and refining skills while gaining invaluable experience in a global organization is an opportunity of a lifetime. The dedication to positively impacting the communities we operate within is a gorgeous and unique mission that feels genuine, authentic and, in my experience so far, is the leading focus for operational direction and decision-making. 

For our partners, expansion into such a beautifully diverse country that boasts intriguing and unique professional skills sets and expertise create new areas in which we can continue to support their businesses growth path, leading them forward towards their goals. Being able to support these goals and celebrate our clients’ milestones alongside them is such an inspiring and fulfilling feeling that really energizes me! 

Personally, I am always eager and feel called upon to utilize and refine my honed skills to better serve my team members and community through meaningful contribution. What Boldr has been able to accomplish in the past 5 years is beyond impressive from a growth perspective. I feel incredibly privileged to be surrounded by such brilliant and mindful leaders globally, who challenge me to rise and remain continuously open to new perspectives, methodologies and ideas. 

The ability to be a contributing member to this continued opportunity for holistic growth, development and collaboration is what has me rising each day, energized and grateful to be a part of this innovative and impact driven organization.” 


Ken Northmore – Global Director ICT & Security

Ken has been leading Technology teams and developing Corporate Strategy for organizations of all sizes for over 20 years. He has worked in both not-for-profit and corporate environments, where he became well-versed in leadership, hardware and software, networking, cloud systems, and information security. He is a certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and InfoSec Specialist (CISSP).


“I’m passionate about finding solutions to complex IT problems. This entails implementing, transitioning, and updating systems to keep clients at the leading edge in the application of technology for maximum business benefit, while ensuring the highest level of security, efficiency and cost effectiveness. I love building teams and creating opportunities for individuals to soar in their careers. Seeing people develop in pursuit of their dreams energizes me. 

At Boldr, I have the opportunity to guide and mentor team members to identify their career goals and enable them with training. This supports them with stepping into opportunities in areas they may not have been able to. Our strong focus on helping individuals grow and connect with their dreams, or engaging in meaningful work that generates passion and dedication to their own authentic story, is what creates opportunities where there weren’t opportunities before.

I am most excited when I see team members develop new skills and apply them in their work with Boldr. We’ve had individuals start with an interest in technology and seen them grow and develop not only the skills, but the pride and confidence that comes from personal and team achievement while excelling and pursuing their careers and dreams. One such example is Eli, who started with David as a Data Entry Associate and quickly shared a desire to move into IT. Eli has since gone down a path of growth, learning and achievement to become a successful Assistant IT Manager. Seeing his transformation across so many areas was truly inspiring.”