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Last December 1st, we were honored to have our CEO, David Sudolsky, as one of the speakers at Payoneer’s annual flagship event: “The Payoneer Forum Manila”, held at SMX Convention Center in SM Aura, BGC. This year’s theme was “Go Beyond and Expand Globally” and it was focused on empowering the rising freelance economy and SMEs in the Philippines.

Because we live in an increasingly competitive global market, freelancers and SMEs need to be ready to “go beyond”. There are four pillars under this idea: Beyond Limits, Beyond Borders, Beyond Payments, and Beyond Expectations.

Speakers under each pillar talked about their own experience as leaders in their company. Beyond Limits zoomed in on emerging industry trends. Beyond Borders discussed helpful ways to help new businesses expand. Beyond Payments introduced valuable service providers for solopreneurs and other young companies. Finally, Beyond Expectations, talked about the experiences of companies who are doing more and are making an impact in their respective industries.

Banner Image: David Sudolsky at the stage. (Photo by Dawan Robinson)


Photo by: Payoneer Philippines


Purpose-driven business model

Beyond Expectations was a natural fit for David. In his talk, “Purpose-driven business model approach to business”, he shared some of the ups and downs of building his own outsourcing company. He also delved into how a purpose-driven approach– rather than a profit-driven one– can lead to meaningful growth.

When the company was first starting out, Boldr’s impact work was a huge differentiator in the industry. Many of our first Clients partnered with us because they believed in our vision.

As our tree grew, our “Why” also became our compass. We began to attract like-minded team members, and we worked hard to retain and develop them as well.

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Photo by: Payoneer Philippines

David ended his talk with a call to action. The world around is changing and everyone needs to hustle to keep up!

After the program ended, Boldr sponsored a Happy Hour. The happy hour was a great opportunity to get to know other attendees from the event and learn more about the freelancer community in Manila.

This was truly a one of a kind experience for us and we’re looking forward to attending and putting together other events like this!


Photo by: Payoneer Philippines

If you’re interested to learn more about how a purpose-driven approach can help you and your business or maybe share how being purpose-driven has helped you, drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you!