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Customer Experience is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts. That’s why when we heard that Guru’s hosting its first-ever conference, Empower, we jumped at the chance to attend and sponsor the event! Our team flew to Philadelphia on May 7-9 to meet thought leaders in Customer Experience and Sales. The 3-day event was filled with conversations about how customer-facing teams can give world-class customer experience.

We were thrilled to support the event and be a part of this thriving community. We met a lot of new friends who genuinely wanted to learn more about their craft and were passionate about how to encourage and inspire others to grow and develop.


Our Boldrific team (L-R: Alex Peña, Julian Alamilla, David Sudolsky, Ray Torres; rightmost: Mari Parker), together with Emily McCormack of BabyBjorn, is all smiles during the Empower conference.


Top 3 Stand Out Talks in Empower Conference

There were so many valuable insights shared during the event. If you want to get an overview of the themes that emerged, Chris Anderson over at Guru wrote a great article talking about the highlights of the week.

What we’ve put together here are the specific talks that resonated with us. These were the ones that made our hearts beat faster, made our minds race, and ultimately inspired us to step up our game and to take our company to the next level.



As a purpose-driven company ourselves, we like talking about purpose a lot. What was remarkable in Wendi’s talk was that she believes that a company’s purpose is focused on 3 key areas: company, department, and oneself. That last bit—“oneself”—is what really got us thinking.

Our company purpose revolves around our Client, Company, and Community. We believe that growth should be inclusive, so as much as we help our Clients improve their business, we also value the individual growth and camaraderie within our teams. By communicating our company’s purpose to our people, we give them the chance to extend their purpose to the community. After all, an individual’s purpose is a strong component in the way he or she works and, in the end, the way the company works.

Now is the perfect time for us to ask ourselves about our purpose, the ways we’re pursuing growth, and our efforts to support the people that help us thrive. We know that our core purpose is strong and clear, yet refining our company values and mission remains a challenge—and we’re up for it!




Getting the top spot in sales is a different story for us. We are motivated to grind not because our eyes are on the prize but because we want to create a lasting impact. However, Kyle’s story of building a revenue-centric culture for SalesLoft helped us see things in a different light. His experience reminded us that we can have financial success while providing memorable and impactful experiences to people’s lives, both within our company and with those of our clients.

With CX as our bread and butter, we know for sure that every team member who works with our Clients contributes to our success. So helping them understand the bigger picture and their capability to shape our growth is important.

Kyle’s story challenged us to think about the way we lead our revenue team: What do they value as individuals? How can we create a wonderful experience for them as they work with us? How can we communicate our story of making an impact WITH them? Finding the right answers takes a team effort, but our willingness to empower our people allows us to aspire to greater heights.




We have always taken pride in being a company of life-long learners, and we’re open to un-learning and re-learning our ways. So when Doug shared a high-level approach and tactical tips on implementing a revenue-centric culture, we took it as an opportunity to take action and learn from his experiences.

It hit close to home when he talked about the importance of cohesion and communication among all departments. He stressed that helping our people understand our goals and our plans to achieve them is critical. Then, he painted a clear picture of what motivational leadership looks like: Put up the logos of the companies you’re eyeing on your office’s wall, and let your entire team be reminded of their ultimate goals. Celebrate victories—big and small. Recognize that winning a client is an empowering moment for everyone.

As a company that’s going through growing pains, we know how challenging it is to manage people who need to step out of their comfort zones and juggle multiple tasks. It’s comforting to know that even big names experienced and coursed through the same barriers we are facing right now. We gained bits and pieces from their experiences, which will help us be better in what we do.

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Launching Boldr’s Project Bayanihan

Empowerment comes in different shapes and forms. For us, it has always been championing the personal and professional growth of our team while making a positive impact on our community. As sponsors of Empower 2019, we wanted to give the event a little piece of Boldr that everyone could experience. With that, we decided to bust out #ProjectBayanihan.

#ProjectBayanihan is an initiative we’re launching this year with the help of our NGO partners. Inspired by the Filipino word bayanihan, which captures the value of the communal spirit of unity and cooperation, our goal is to open more opportunities for the youth in the Philippines. By looking for modern-day heroes who are willing to extend a helping hand, we wish to improve the lives of young people in communities like Baseco and Tacloban.

Our team went around and asked attendees to participate in our One Pic, One Line, One Life campaign. All they had to do was snap a photo and tell us what empowerment means for them. In return for sharing their insights and experiences with us, we committed to donating in their names to help support our project for youth empowerment.

The result? An outpour of heartwarming smiles, answers, and a lot of support for #ProjectBayanihan. Here are our favorites:


For many of the attendees, an empowering moment is when you inspire, support, and enable others to be their best. For Boldr, our values have always been about enabling our team members to reach new heights, and we’re glad to see that these industry leaders think and feel the same.


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New Horizons

Empower 2019 was a wonderful opportunity for us to meet people who are passionate about elevating Customer Experience. But more than that, what we’re bringing home are the lessons and stories that inspired us to make Boldr and our team even better! Hopefully, we also touched the hearts of our fellow attendees and made them realize the positive impact that can be made on other people’s lives.

This experience not only opened doors and windows but also motivated us to challenge our old ways and continue evolving. And that, we think, is our ultimate purpose—to grow and help others grow and find their own purpose.

Until Empower 2020, we’ll be crafting our own stories to tell. We can’t wait for the world to hear them!