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One of our immediate goals for 2022 was to maximize our reach, not only in our local industry, but also on the international stage. That is why we decided to create a Clutch profile to collect reviews from our clients. Pursuant of this goal, we are happy to share our first review, a stellar five-star rating.


The company we engaged with for this project was an online marketplace that needed support for onboarding new venues onto their platform. Our project responsibilities were mainly focused on assessing and activating venues that would pass the client’s requirements. Over time, the client grew more accustomed to our methodology and gave us more tasks. Those interested in the more technical aspects of the engagement can learn more about the project from the client review, which is available on our Clutch profile.

Following the publication of the review, Clutch listed Boldr as one of the Top Voice and Call Center Service Providers in Manila. While this development offers us additional exposure to a far wider audience within the outsourcing industry, it was an even greater accomplishment for the members of our relatively young team.

As a company specializing in business ratings and reviews, with an integrated B2B platform and a formidable database, Clutch has an admirable international reach. It is fair to say that our inclusion in this list has bolstered our marketing efforts and outreach initiatives, while speaking to our B-Corp certified status. Coupled with our recent growth and ever-expanding footprint, this acknowledgement aids in our efforts to establish Boldr as the primary impact-driven outsourcing partner.

While a promising review puts our past services and our hard work on display where customers can readily explore our unique way of doing business, we experienced something that goes beyond the credibility of a 5 star review. We were moved by the possibilities for future growth it presents.

Our goals now include making sure that we live up to the expectations accompanying a positive review, as well as further improving on our placement on the Clutch list. While we are confident that more positive reviews will follow, we will use this opportunity to focus on world-class client experiences while creating access to dignified, meaningful work in communities around the world. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can take your business to new heights.