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Recently, Liz Hettler, Director of Customer Experience at Showroom, representing our client Feather, traveled to Cape Town, South Africa to connect with our team at Boldr. During their stay, they paid a visit to our valued partner, Souper Troopers, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless individuals.

Homelessness in South Africa

According to the UN Sustainable Development Report, there are significant challenges related to poverty because the country has been regressing in its quest to reduce poverty. A recent study by Statista indicates that around 18.2 million people in South Africa are currently living in extreme poverty, with the poverty threshold at 1.90 US dollars daily. It is further estimated that this number could reach 19.1 million by the end of 2030.

One of the primary causes of poverty has been an ever-increasing unemployment rate. While homelessness is one of the most visible manifestations of unemployment and poverty, it could also lead to an increase in the crime rate, a lack of education, malnutrition, and numerous other social consequences.


The work of Souper Troopers

Souper Troopers is an NGO that advocates for Cape Town’s most marginalized residents — those without homes. They run The Humanity Hub where they provide a comprehensive range of services to help homeless people to transform their lives. Their psycho-social development model addresses the holistic needs of each individual within their ethos: DIGNITY, LOVE & RESPECT

What started as a day of sharing soup and sandwiches with homeless people in 2014, became a series of initiatives that helped them to understand the complexity of homelessness and the inadequacies of the existing interventions. Since then, Souper Troopers have made a notable difference in the lives of those who found themselves at a very low point in their lives.


“Everybody that comes into our space has a mindset that change is possible and that change is possible,” said Executive Director, Kerry Hoffman.

Excited to partner with an NGO that did good for the local community, our team discovered Souper Troopers. After learning more about their mission and accomplishments we felt inspired to support them. Since then, Boldr has donated a television, a gas stove, and several pantry items to contribute to their cause and facilitate their daily activities.

“As much as there is poverty, struggle, and trauma in this world, there is also abundance and people with skills. So partnering with Boldr is the best choice for us. Marketing is our weakest link in the organization, so it is crucial for companies like Boldr to consider us as their social corporate initiative, as it helps us and adds mutual value. Boldr has donated a TV, a gas stove, and pantry items, but what’s most valuable are the team member and client visits.”


The importance of client visits

Our client, Feather, is a furniture company that offers a monthly subscription service that allows its clients to access quality furniture tailored to their specific needs, all while emphasizing sustainability and durability.

Feather’s commitment to sustainability led them to seek an initiative that not only focuses on skill sharing but also highlights and uplifts marginalized individuals in society. Souper Troopers perfectly aligned with their values.


During the visit, Liz Hettler from Feather was deeply moved by the tenacity and resilience displayed by the beneficiaries of Souper Troopers’ CASTE Programme. Inspired by what she witnessed, Liz took the initiative to arrange a call between Feather’s Director of Growth and Development and Souper Troopers to explore ways in which Feather can contribute to the skills development of those who have completed the CASTE program.

Boldr believes that collective action can achieve extraordinary results when we work together towards a common goal. Our goal is that the work we do alongside our clients and partners significantly impacts the lives of the communities in which we operate. We are excited to see the outcomes of this initiative and feel immensely grateful to collaborate with clients and partners who share our values and vision.


Aitana Rangel Garibay is Boldr’s creative writer and she is passionate about writing purpose-driven stories.