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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” 

– Margaret Mead

Recent studies have shown that the youth could be the largest contributor to creating social change in communities. That is why Boldr is quick to become engaged with youth projects in the countries where we operate.

In 2014, the National Academy of Medicine released a paper explaining why young people could be the ultimate agents of change in their communities. A subsequent study in 2015 showed that youth-led social change will not only have a higher scale of impact in communities but that it could also be a more sustainable solution.

This confirms that young people possess the ability to bring about positive social change and make a notable impact on society. Their role in a country is essential and their participation is crucial in achieving national goals and promoting that country’s progress.

The youth can be a valuable asset to society when they have enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Their active participation is vital to achieve progress and to promote the nation’s welfare. They are the hope of the future. In the Philippines, there are 30 million people between the ages of 10-24. This amounts to 28 percent of the Philippine population, which is the largest generation of young people in its history.

At Boldr we believe that by preparing those young minds for life challenges and equipping them with the necessary values to do what is right, it could hold a longer-term positive impact on the communities in all the countries where we are operating in.


Getting involved in our communities

For the first quarter of 2023, Boldr partnered with a global campus organization called Every Nation Campus, led by Joebert Basilan, Cons Nierras, and Raphael Abac, who are also alumni of the campus. The trio initiated a leadership workshop for secondary students of Eastern Visayas State University. This weekly workshop project would tackle four essential values: Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence. The hopes are that it will produce community leaders who possess a strong sense of purpose and leaders who will be capable of creating a significant future impact.


Katherine Villanueva, Campus Director of Every Nation Campus Tacloban explains the significance of Leadership

With the training already underway, approximately 150 students, belonging to different classes and different grades, actively participated in the workshop and attentively listened as the speakers discussed various challenges and worked through each of the lessons.


The school administration was quick to express eagerness to include the leadership workshop as a values-formation subject in the class syllabus for the remainder of the academic year. This optimistic feedback further fuels our aim of establishing a sustainable partnership with the school and enrolling clusters of students on an annual basis.

Being purpose-driven means we are focused on making the world a better place. In every aspect and every opportunity, we strive to be a force for good. With the mission being vast, we cannot do it alone. We rely on each other to fill in the gaps.

With these kinds of initiatives by our fellow Boldranian team members, we are happy and proud to say that it is a privilege to partake in cultivating a healthy environment for our youth, to be part of their growth, to believe in them, and to entrust them with the difficult exercise of shaping the future.

Changing the world is not an easy task, but with all our partners’ collaboration and support, we can achieve it by making a difference in the life of one student at a time.


From left to right, Joebert Basilan, Cons Nierras, and Raphael Abac.

Super thankful for Boldr for partnering with our initiative, I am truly blessed to have a company where its heart is centered towards serving the people and the community. Also thankful for the opportunity to serve the next generation as it is really close to my heart.Joebert Basilan, Data Service Associate

I am honored to be a Boldranian, thank you for investing in us, and thank you for supporting our project proposal.Cons Nierras, Data Service Associate

Blessed to be part of the Boldr Family, thank you for the opportunity to serve the next generation.”  Raphael Abac, Data Service Associate



Jeff Uyvico is a Flex Specialist at Boldr. He loves getting involved with Boldr’s community projects.