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For a business operating mostly online and servicing a global clientele, our website is our storefront. However, a website is so much more than just an online presence. Potential clients and candidates alike use our website to determine if this is the right company to work with. It also demonstrates how credible the company is as a future outsourcing partner and gives prospects an idea of what we can do for them.

More than that, we want clients and peers to understand and experience our values, our dedication to our team members, and our commitment to the communities we serve. Just like any other brand, our website has undergone numerous changes over the years to become the more mature version we launch today.

From humble beginnings to an established brand

When I joined Boldr in 2017, we had a logo that looked like this: 


Today our logo looks like this: 

Since our company’s inception in 2017, we have gone through several rebrands and website changes. The constant change and evolution of our brand is a testament to our growth while discovering who we are, as well as how we honor our values and our mission. It’s a true ‘glow up’. 

We’re not the same scrappy startup we were almost 7 years ago. We hold a tremendous amount of responsibility in helping businesses scale, helping team members grow their careers, and changing the status quo of traditional outsourcing. 

We’ve reached several milestones since we started our business, such as earning our B Corp certification, opening in several locations across the globe, becoming recognized among the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., and hiring experienced leaders from various industries committed to growing Boldr. 

I hope that our new website will tell our unique story and celebrate our successes as these were not easy feats. May our website speak to those who care about our mission to bridge talent with opportunity across the world. 

Our “storefront” will keep changing but it only means we are improving as a company and that speaks to our dedication to our mission. We are dedicating our Q1 of this year to making continuous improvements to the site, making it a better experience for our future customers and team members. 

What’s New on our Site?

  • Refreshed Brand Assets: We revisited our color palette to emphasize strong points through our brilliant orange and introduced dark blue ‘Dusk’ as a primary color. Our refreshed brand is not only represented on our site but also in our company assets. 
  • Mobile Responsiveness: The majority of our users are viewing Boldr through their mobile devices. We have taken this into account and prioritized the mobile experience. 
  • Enhanced Content: Our blog is now our Learn page. We’re excited to feature content capturing the following topics: News, Impact, Case Studies, Culture, and Resources. 

Coming Soon!

  • Impact Page: At the core of our organization is our impact. Watch out for our 2023 impact report!
  • Country Pages: Learn more about the different countries we operate in. 
  • Partnerships Page: We’re excited to introduce our values-aligned partner organizations. 

A Few Thank-Yous

If you’re reading this blog, you must already be on this incredible journey with us. I’d like to thank those who have made it possible for us to grow our business and live our mission thus far. We invite you to continue growing with us. If you’re considering being a part of Boldr, whether looking for a job or a company to grow your global team with, I’m excited for you to start this journey with us. 

I’m very grateful to our CEO, David Sudolsky, who challenged and entrusted me with launching a site we could all be proud of. I want to give a huge and special thank you to our partners: StudioAfterSix, Animarem, Jobi Gutierrez, Tom Fels, and Team. Your hard work made this site possible and your collaboration made the work so much fun. I also want to give a shout-out to Boldr’s powerhouse Marketing team who continue to inspire and uphold our brand and values in their own special way. Thank you to Glo, James, Aitana, Jeff, JM, Kei, Arwin, Rai, Vero, and Liam. 

Alex Peña is Boldr’s Head of Brand Marketing from the Philippines. She has been with the company for over 6 years and has headed various teams in Boldr, including Client Success, Product, and Marketing. She’s passionate about diverse and visible leadership, and about creating opportunities for people from all over the world regardless of their backgrounds.