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Boldr exists to help people grow and connect. Not just our employees or our Clients—but everyone we interact with in the community around us. Taking a broader perspective on our work means we have three stakeholders: Company, Clients, and Community. Our 3Cs. Here, we’ve came up with our year end update to share our progress across our 3Cs in 2019 while also highlighting our aspirations for 2020.


The turn of the decade puts many things into perspective. Boldr started with a vision, which gave birth to a small team that only kept growing. We built on the previous years’ lessons and had our fair share of hurdles to overcome as an organization.


2019 was jam-packed with events organized by our dynamic team. From learning sessions, themed town halls, and seasonal ramp-ups, we do everything our way, setting everyone up for success.

  • Our team grew by 71% in 2019, and we’re ending the year with close to 300 team members. We’re proud to have promoted 26% of our team into new roles. Our internal promotion rate wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for our Learning & Development team’s focus on curating new courses and designing tailor-made career plans for our team.
  • We completed the build out of our beautiful office in Manila’s Central Business District, Ortigas. Going into 2020, we are poised for growth with the capacity to double our team size in this office and host community events.
  • We have expanded our Leadership team by bringing in key new leaders.




Erlend has 15 years of experience building an amazing nonprofit (Streetlight International) in the Philippines and decided to start working with us in late 2018. He joined Boldr to explore the intersection of for-profit and for-purpose, merging his non-profit experience into the business world. In 2019, Erlend has grown into our Country Director role. He is responsible for expanding our impact across our 3C’s, nurturing a strong leadership team in Manila and expanding Boldr into new regions across the Philippines.




Eric joined Boldr’s Leadership team in April 2019, and he brings 17 years of BPO/Contact Center experience. Eric is responsible for our growing Operations team and ensuring our Clients are delighted with their Boldr experience.




Glo joined Boldr in September of 2019 to support our 3C impact initiatives. With international leadership experience in Youth Empowerment and Civil Society development, Glo leads our Impact Department, driving positive and measurable change across our 3Cs.




Suneet has been one of Boldr’s Advisory Board members since our inception, and I’m proud to announce that he has moved into a full-time leadership position. Suneet is now responsible for all facets of the Client Experience. He will be building out our CX organization which includes Sales, Account Management, Marketing, and Data Science.

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Our teams innate curiosity drives us to deeply understand the set of challenges that we need to fulfill in our Client partnerships.


We love it when our Clients visit! Here we have Hayley from Peerspace and Patrizio from Because getting to know our team.

2019 Challenges Become 2020 Success

  • In 2019, we doubled the number of clients that we partnered with, and it has been inspiring to witness their growth. In the last year, our Clients have raised over $625 million dollars in new capital and have grown to be valued at well over $6 billion dollars.
  • We LOVE learning about new industries and were fortunate enough to engage in a few new industries in 2019: Logistics, Media, and Foundations. Diversifying our Client portfolio has yielded some interesting information about best practices that can be shared across industries. We are thrilled to lead the charge in connecting support leaders across industries in 2020.
    Best of all, we have noticed an uptick in Companies choosing to work with us because of our impact-driven culture.
  • We’ve re-defined our service delivery models and are launching three specific service categories in the New Year. You’ll see more news about this in 2020, but, here’s a quick update on our Service Expansion.




Open Source Outsourcing (OSO)

We’ve noticed that our Clients and potential partners want to nurture a deeper connection with their teams and we’re building a platform allowing our Clients to manage their team members directly through us. I’m energized by the potential market opportunity, and will be spending a majority of my time developing this service in 2020. A huge thank you to current and potential Clients who are partnering with us to design this new service.

Boldr Managed Outsourcing (BMO)

We are in the process of simplifying our approach to work with Companies that are looking to build and design Customer Experience and Back Office teams in developing economies. We’ve fine-tuned our implementation process and our team is ever-confident in implementing these types of CX and Back Office solutions across industries and various degrees of complexity.

On-Demand Projects

In 2019, we have built seasonal teams and project-based teams across various industries and services, and we continue to learn from these experiences.


Boldr’s Impact vision is to create meaningful, measurable, and sustainable social impact programs within each of our 3Cs.


Top Left: AMV scholars with Charlotte Johannesen (AMV Founder). Top Right: Christmas basket reception in Tacloban. Bottom Left: Relief response in Samar with Company and community partners. Bottom Right: Fire in Baseco, Manila response.

Clients: For Clients that identify with our social initiatives, we look forward to co-creating tangible, long term programs together. We’re especially grateful to Articulate for partnering with us in one of our most recent programs where we provided relief to a Community in the Philippines after a massive typhoon.

Company: We are committed to developing and growing our people and establishing Boldr as the top employer for lifelong learners. Alongside our Clients we are currently developing a curriculum to launch a Training Center in Northern Tacloban, which will provide access to capacity building and professional certification for the skills and competencies necessary to work in the outsourcing industry. This initiative will be done in partnership with Streetlight International and co-created with our Clients.

Community: Boldr is launching a small NGO incubation program to help support and build budding Community-based organizations by giving strategic, practical, and technical advice towards scaling and becoming more sustainable.

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2020 and Beyond!

Without a doubt, 2019 has been a big year for all of us here. We will nurture and develop our people in ways that fulfill our promise to uphold our values: Curious, Dynamic, and Authentic, and most importantly, we will give back to our Community in more meaningful and empowering ways. Thank you again for your support this past year.

To our Clients, Advisors, Team Members, Friends, and Family, Thank You.

If you want to partner with us in your organization to make an impact and drive change, email me.

If you want to join our organization and help us make an impact and drive change, email me.

If you want to help us apply our collective work and profits to amazing causes, email me.

And if you just want to do Yoga, BBQ, or grab a drink in Manila, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Washington DC, NYC, or Denver, email me. Because I (and our team) travel. A lot.