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What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This famous quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson perfectly summarizes the importance of actionable and measurable standards that one strives to live up to every day. Or more commonly called Core Values. Core values are the guiding principles that help individuals and organizations make decisions, set priorities, and conduct themselves in a consistent and ethical way. They represent the fundamental beliefs and ideals that define what is important and worthwhile to us. 

At Boldr, our Core Values are not just abstract concepts but serve as our compass as an ethical outsourcing company, shape how we interact every day, and reflect who we hope to become. 


The Boldr Identity

There are many different core values that people and other outsourcing organizations can adopt, and they can vary depending on personal and cultural beliefs. But one beautiful thing about Boldr is that we do not only take in team members who are willing to adopt our values or identity, but we find like-minded individuals who share the same passion that Boldr is committed to. 

With the help of our Talent Acquisition Team (Shout out to our TA department!), we find individuals who combine their ambitious vision with operational excellence (Excellent), individuals who create strong connections by being authentic (Authentic), individuals who use empathy as their foundation for great partnerships (Empathetic), individuals who do their best work by being curious (Curious), and individuals who thrive in and embrace changes (Dynamic)

We understand that the culture we want to purposefully create together is built on our shared values. That’s why at Boldr, we create safe avenues where team members can connect, grow, and strengthen the Boldr Core Value that they resonate with.

We provide a safe space where team members showcase their talents to be excellent in their career and their lives and celebrate their achievements through our quarterly awards night, Boldr Spotlight. We practice true authenticity and demonstrate empathy in our work environment by creating engagement activities (Boldr Clubs, Boldr Circles, and Mental Health Webinars and Workshops) that allow Boldranians to learn from each other’s quirks and embrace each other’s differences.

With the help of our People Development Team, we provide a series of learning opportunities where Boldranians can commit to lifelong learning and growth in their careers. Lastly, we equip Boldranians to be dynamic by cultivating a culture of innovation by learning the trends to stay ahead of industry changes and to identify different growth opportunities.


Ethical Outsourcing the Boldr Way

Last August 17, 2023, Boldr celebrated the launch of our newly structured Core Values. We asked 5 exemplary Boldranians to talk about how they live out each of our core values. 

Boldr Core Value #1: Excellent by Natalie Contreras

Natalie, a team member from Mexico, talks about their definition of excellence and how they strive to show that day by day.

“We always aspire for 100% quality, but that seems impossible to achieve right? How do you achieve “perfect”? Well, the key is in continuous improvement. We can’t become perfect, but what we can do is aspire to be the best version of ourselves every day.”

Boldr Core Value #2: Authentic by France Oñate 

France, a Team Captain from Tacloban, talks about the positive impact of being true to herself and her holistic well-being.

“This safe and inclusive environment at Boldr and the support that I have received from my colleagues has allowed me to thrive personally, professionally, and now academically. So, I just finished college. By being my true self without fear of judgment or discrimination, I have been able to fully contribute and excel in my role.”

Boldr Core Value #3: Empathetic by Jennifer Wiertel  

Jennifer, our first team member from Canada, shares her first-hand experience of how being empathetic creates a positive and significant impact on the life of her client, Rachel. 

“Rachel reached out to me a few months later and let me know that she got her dream job. She actually started to cry while she thanked me for all of my help. They let me know that if I had not listened that day, they wouldn’t have the confidence to actually apply.”

Boldr Core Value #4: Curious by Jody Sayers 

Jody, a team member from South Africa, talks about how curiosity motivated him to continue learning about topics he is interested in.

“For me, this has entailed embracing opportunities for growth and development. I happen to be very interested in data engineering. And to that extent, I’ve taken full advantage of Boldr’s partnership with Datacamp. It’s definitely been a fantastic platform. It’s very rare to find a company that’s invested in personal growth and development as much as Boldr.”

Boldr Core Value #5: Dynamic by Eli Condor 

Eli, who has been with Boldr since its founding days, talks about how being dynamic contributed to his growth with Boldr.

“Embracing dynamism, venturing beyond comfort zones, embracing change, adapting, and responding adeptly to circumstances. Transform challenges into opportunities and actively contribute to resolving issues, all towards attaining your desired outcomes. That is what Dynamic is for me.”


The Boldr Impact

“Our passion is to connect local talent with companies that share our ambitions for growth and impact while delivering seamless, high-quality customer experiences.” – Boldr Founder & CEO, David Sudolsky

In order for us to create circular value and create positive outcomes for our Team Members, Clients, and Communities, the Boldr Core Values should be ingrained and nurtured in each Boldranian. 


Daniel Cosico is the Global Senior People Engagement Supervisor at Boldr. He is an advocate of community transformation, has a passion for organizational development, and is a Certified Learning and Development Professional.