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In the rural town of Hazyview, the second cohort of students recently completed our BPO training program. This has inspired us to connect with the graduates to discover how completing this course has improved their lives.


Boldr’s BPO Digital Skills Training Program 

Hazyview is a sub-tropical farming community in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Because of its location, employment opportunities are few and far between. To advance their careers or develop the skills required to earn a decent living, breadwinners often leave their homes and head to the cities in search of work. With an alarming youth unemployment rate in the country, young job seekers are further burdened by their lack of skills.

It is here where Boldr established its training academy. Working in tandem with the team at the Good Works Foundation, our dedicated BPO training program aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills to find work in the outsourcing or support industries. Driven by our Theory of Change, we saw this as a chance to make a real difference within the community.

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From Education to Employment

All candidates who qualified for the training program received a stipend and a glimpse into the BPO world. The course included rigorous training that developed each learner’s skills and oriented them with the dynamics of the outsourcing and customer support industries.

Upskilling for Job-Readiness

As the completion date approached, we saw an opportunity to extend the course by two weeks, during which we provided simulated training on what work they would be expected to perform. This practical application of skills in a simulated working environment cemented the outsourcing basics and best practices that formed part of the syllabus.

In the end 14 of the 15 students who enrolled were able to graduate, with one student leaving the course early after receiving an offer of employment. All the students from the second cohort who completed the course expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to attend the training program and were excited to apply the course in their current and future places of employment.


Boldr's BPO Training Academy - Hazyview, South Africa

BPO Training Program in Hazyview

Boldr Academy in Hazyview
Boldr Academy in Hazyview
Lunch Time in Hazyview
Lunch Time in Hazyview

Impact Sourcing

The first group of students completed the course in 2023 and have all since found work. Because of the nature of the course and the extensive training provided by our People Development team, we engage with candidates from the interview stage all the way through to gauge their progress.

This enables us to create a talent pool of candidates for clients hoping to find valued team members or skilled support specialists. By helping these aspiring young students find placement at the best outsourcing companies or connecting them with Boldr jobs, we have turned the program into a successful skills development initiative for the country, as well as a useful Impact-sourcing alternative for our clients.

It has become our commitment to empower, invest in, and bring hope and opportunity to the youth in Hazyview through skills development, career advancement, and impact sourcing. As we prepare for a third cohort of students, we are excited about what the future of this project will hold for each student. 


Connecting Talent to Opportunity

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