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Last week, Boldr held its Spotlight Awards ceremony, a quarterly tradition that began a couple of years ago. Here’s a snapshot of what happened - and a brief explainer about why we continue to host this event.

Boldr Spotlight Explained

What started as an initiative from the Service Delivery team in 2021 to honor and celebrate outstanding contributions from client-facing team members, has since become a tradition and an opportunity for Boldranians to cheer on fellow team members.

Over the years, the Spotlight has evolved into a cherished event that not only recognizes the exceptional service provided by members of the Service Delivery team but also extends its accolades to include non-client-facing team members. This expansion, implemented in late 2022, evidenced the culture of appreciation and recognition across all facets of the organization, which is an integral component of Boldr’s unique DNA.

During each Spotlight Awards, we roll out the red carpet for attending team members. From catering and themed dress-ups to team engagement, we aspire to make every person feel valued during that time.

Initiatives like quarterly Spotlights are one of the ways we invest in our team members. Recognizing and celebrating successes as a team boosts everyone’s morale and creates a sense of pride and ownership in our work. This translates to an improved commitment or engagement from team members, which directly impacts the level of service delivery we offer to our clients.

Celebrating our wins with our clients

While we have an internal awards selection process to vet team members worthy of recognition, our Spotlight event would not be possible without total buy-in from our cherished clients. This is made easier because of the engaging culture within our teams and the fact that we partner with values-aligned clients.

Matt Conlon, Director of Outsource Sales at Tranzact, a global leader in insurance and risk management, and one of our long-standing clients, was our special guest during the last Spotlight. “This is a large meeting. I love seeing all these people on here. And these introductions are amazing. I felt like I was at some type of entertainment or sporting event. It's great.”

Our clients often contribute to the Awards ceremony through videos that celebrate the success of team members they collaborate with almost daily. This is their opportunity to share how that team member positively impacted their business or why they valued their efforts during that quarter.

As we continue to grow and evolve, our Spotlight Awards serve as a testament to Boldr's dedication to recognizing and celebrating the hard work, commitment, and excellence of its entire team, while ensuring that we build teams for our clients in the same way that they would build their in-house teams.

Here is a list of our Spotlight award winners for Q1 of 2024:

Client Experience Awards

Health & Wellness:

Rising Star - Maria Mendez (Tranzact)

MVP (Most Valuable Performer) - Gerardo Ricafrente (Tranzact)

Outstanding Leader - Rica Sipin (Tranzact)

With a 4.4 out of 5 overall KPI score, Maria Mendez showed amazing dedication, initiative, strong focus, and delivering results. During the recent AEP enrollment period, she’s gone above and beyond. She demonstrates adaptability to changing situations, she has a great drive for success.” - Matt Conlon, Director of Outsource Sales at Tranzact

Client Services:

Rising Star - Gwen Callimag (GTV)

MVP - Joem del Rio (ReSimplifi)

Outstanding Leader - France Oñate (ShiftMed)

"We couldn't thank France Oñate enough for everything, from working on the workforce management to managing the agents to performance managing your team, you have been a pillar of our relationship with Boldr, a bright light in the BPO space.” - Clayton Panzeri, Director of Support at ShiftMed


Rising Star - Ashlene Hans (Floyd)

MVP - Jhoanna Flores (Urbanstems)

Outstanding Leader - Ana Paula Aguirre (Cadence)

"Jhoanna is one of the most consistent achievers across our happiness team. Aside from exceptional scores across all KPIs, she is one of the top performers on our client’s Google five-star review incentive. Jhoanna was a big help for me. I'm new to Urbanstems. She trained me and it's been great working with her.” - Ian Biles, Customer Care Team Lead at Urbanstems

On-Demand Outsourcing:

MVP - Raquel De Guzman (Flex and Contingency)

Outstanding Leader - Cris Cruz (Foodee)

“Thank you for everything you do, for conquering everything, thinking outside the box, doing the stuff we throw in, training new people, making sure all the tasks are being done. Everything has been super organized. Really appreciate you.” - Patricia M, Customer Success Manager at Foodee

Tech & SaaS:

Rising Star - Norma Barcelo (Cloze)

MVP - Glaiza Gonzales (Mentor Collective)

Outstanding Leader - Sean Aclan (Interfolio)

"It’s a pleasure to have you on our team. I can always count on you to help with updating process instructions, helping team members on new data analysis processes, taking on last-minute tasks, or providing ideas and new ways of doing things.” - Christina LoTempio, Assistant Director of Customer Support at Mentor Collective

CXD Awardee: Impact Awardee

Lissete Marioni - EOR

Social Media Awards:

Social Media Advocates - Orlando Gabriel Gómez (Tranzact) & Erin Langeman (Marketing)

LinkedIn - Tauhier Friedericks (Country Operations)

Boldr Spotlight_Carousel (6)

People Development Awards:

Aspiring Leaders Graduates:

Norma Yolanda Barcelo Rodriguez (Mexico)

Aymey Phyfer (South Africa)

Sibonisiwe Mrwarwaza (South Africa)

Mohamed Yaseen Hoosain (South Africa)

DataCamp Top Learners:

Eliza Samonte (21 Courses)

Jollie Mae Verana (18 Courses)

Alvie Grace Monje (16 Courses)

DataCamp Top Teams:

Interfolio (9.5 courses per Team Member)

Business Insights (9 courses per Team Member)

ReSimplifi (8.25 courses per Team Member)

DataCamp Top Countries:

Mexico (23 minutes per Team Member)

South Africa (12 minutes per Team Member)

Philippines (7 minutes per Team Member)

CVP Making Contest Winners:

QA Team (Most Resonant)

Product and Engineering Team (Most Creative)

Babylist (Most Memorable)

Support & Growth Awards:

MVP - Patcha Jacobs (Country Operations)

MVP - Ariane Marie Lopez (Finance and Accounting)

MVP - Elver Gatapia (IT)

Outstanding Leader - Rida Lukie (Product and Engineering)

Outstanding Leader - Paola Ruiz (Country Operations)

Outstanding Leader - Tauhier Fredericks (Country Operations)